Sunday, July 20, 2014

Disgusted but happy

I have been so busy with mom, cleaning out everyones "STUFF"!  Haven't crafted in more than a month... ~~~~~withdrawals~~~~~ But we are reaching bottom. Yeah!
Grandmas stuff, Papa & GG's stuff, people that have stayed some that for some reason never stayed but we have their stuff too. (rolling eyes) when my Mom use to jokingly say "If you are missing something it is probably at my house" (I thought she was joking) NOT!
Years of stuff that mom hasn't seen as my Ex BIL packed a lot of it up and stacked it 2 of the 5 rooms upstairs were completely packed top to bottom, front to back. We now have 2 bedrooms and a craft room with a single bed. We have 2 more rooms upstairs to finish.

Now for the disgusting part... our neighbors 3 doors down have cats. Lots of cats... I want to see the cats gone! 1 in particular as she keeps catching our chicks. Mom had that cat run right past her with a chick. I have seen it hunting them and run her off, but she keeps coming back. She got one 4 days ago I was furious! The Happy part is she showed up today. She is badly hurt, but doing ok for now. I will keep her inside for a few days as she has been without food or water and she is taking some in, but can't walk or isn't very steady.
She is missing a lot of feathers and has some pretty bad gashes. Right now she is sleeping on my chest wrapped in a piece of tee shirt. Making sweet little noises. Here are a couple of pictures of her. She is quite comfortable sleeping in the sling.
 Pretty beat up baby.
She has a bad smell to her so I'm not sure she will make it but hopefully we will be able to tell more tomorrow. In the meantime, anyone know how to keep cats away without hurting them? I have even called the sheriff's office and there is no laws against cats. But I can defend our chicks, but he could sue me if I hurt his cat. The only thing I can do is sue him for the chicks, but there would be no guarantees he would pay. So...I am open to almost any ideas. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening and a good new week.
XO Nana 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Here Chick chick chick...

Well the girls did good.. The Japanese Bantams hatchet 4 and raised 3. Had to chuck 15 from this nest and more from the others.

 This is Rudy and the 3 Girls, later in the day one of the JB hens disappeared.. 
Have no idea but probably the chicken hawk. Darn him!

 This is Sweetheart, She only hatched 1 out of 20+ and the little thing got pushed out of the nest and died so I bought her 4 and whitey was sitting and none hatched so I gave her 4 too. 
She abandoned them and the nest and took over another one. 
Sweetheart took all 8 chicks and last week we lost one to the chicken hawk.
 This is Whitey AKA Princess, she just hatched her own 4 and all are doing well.
 I will try to get more pictures soon. I gave Prissy and Bobby Sue to a friend. Prissy ran off into the sunset she said and Bobby Sue is setting on dud eggs as there is no rooster where she is now.  Both hens were being mean to the chicks, I just figured it would be easier to get rid of a couple of hens and keep the babies. Have a good week, chat soon.

Meljen's challenge-214-dad

Hey, Yeah!!! made it in time for the challenge over at Meljen's.
Finished my bookmark the day after it was over. (roll eyes) Ha ha ha. 
I thought this turned out cute. I love Meljen's digis! You can cutsie them up, dress them up or bling them out! Come join the fun! 


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meljens Challenge #213 - Sew Perfect

First post for today... I finally made a card for another challenge.
 It had to be something made with Meljens digi's and either sewn or faux sewn on the project.
I chose to faux sew on mine. Isn't it just the cutest little pig. LOL
The inside of the card say's I thought you could use a Pig me up.. I know I read that on the internet on a card, but for the life of me I can not recall where. So if you know post to me and I will give credit where it is due.
Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon I hope.
xo Nana

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A little chicken update

Our hens have been laying, A LOT!!! The Japanese Bantams are the ones nesting without getting up. Prissy pushed one out of the nest so she could lay in it. I am not sure we will have any chicks but??? Check this out.
 They have about 20 or so under them each nest
 And this little lady bites, Hard! I'm not sure how many she has. I have seen another hen climb in with her and lay more eggs and she lets them I have 6 nest and they only use the 3. Goofy girls.

 Well I need to catch some sleep before I have to get up. Night all~ or should I say morning?
xo Nana

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yeah I got a card done..

I have been having withdrawls... lol I have missed so many opportunities to join in some challenges due to bad back and pulled quad in my right leg. Have no idea how, but did. Anyway FINELY able to finish a card. This one is for the challenge over at Mejens Click Here She sure makes some cute digis and very graciously gives a freebie every week. This card is for my hubby. It will be our 32 anniversary on Thursday. So I made him a simple, not mushy card with just a little bit of bling. If I'm going to give a card it is going to have a little bit of my personality in it. Right... So here she is:
I used an older piece of card from a stacker pack, but it doesn't have it's cover. It had help some time ago from little fingers. ;-) I used the cuttlebug and leftover piece of blue card for the backdrop of the Diva digi from Meljens. She is colored with pencil and OMS used to blend the colors. Pearl earring and necklace, rhinestone hearts and a few little blue gems to add sparkle and Stickles for the flourishes by her feet.  Butterfly and flourishes and mat are all die cuts.  I thought it would be nice to include the Thank You. As I Love him all the time and do appreciate him most of the time and wanted him to know it.  I put the metal round on a piece of wire and poked it behind her back like she is simi hiding it. LOL Anyway now I need to make Pie for him, cake and cheesecake for the rest of us.  Will be sugar free :-D
Well I need to hit the hay, got to get up and at it early. Hopefully I will get more done soon.
Have a great week. XO Nana

PS Know what day tomorrow is? HA ha ha...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

No News...

Well they say No News is good news. But that isn't always true. I haven't been doing much as when we had the Greek dinner I pulled my back and it has continued to worsen. I've been going to the Chiropractor and now going to Physical Therapy too. Hopefully soon it will let up enough for me to craft something. I want to do something so bad.

I couldn't even hold the new baby but a minute. :'-(   Oh she is so sweet! I think there is a little love affair going on, LOL first grandbaby and my brother is in love with that little girl. He nonchalantly tells her she is a good girl or asks her What'ch doin?
She hears his voice or sees him and just smiles all over. I think she loves him too. ;-)
Well hopefully I will be back in the swing of things soon. I got to... Everyone take care.

XO Nana