Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Candy- Candy- Candy

This is from Jacque's blog Come join in wishing her a good time and sign up for some Candy! Everyone loves candy right... So click Here   And check out her blog.


A Big THANK YOU to all of my FOLLOWERS


A congratulations to me for my new appointment to 
the CutCardstock design team (effective September 1)...

Makes it time for a SWEET STUFF that I think you will enjoy!!!

You all know I love all things PAPER, FLOWERS, and RIBBON...
so let the fun begin!!! 

Now you will have to go to her blog to check the rest out.
xo Nana

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I have done something I didn't think I would. I joined facebook for a week. LOL I wanted to join a couple of group I follow their blogs and you can get free digis by liking them on FB. So I thought why not. My computer has been running like poo and so was my phone. So although I would love to have the digis I deleted my account and am not longer on FB! Took me 3 hrs to clean everything up and now we are back running.
Some of the ones I liked were:
Sherri Baldy, My Besties. I think they are so cute! I had signed up and didn't realize you have to be on FB to get the freebie.
Imagine That! Digis by Kris, Scrapper's Delights. And a couple of others. I really like their work and would love to have the freebies and buy some when I can, but I will not join FB to get them. Not worth the hassle.

Here are the cards I have recently made. 
First one was for Bug, she has been helping me with the chickens.
These little ones are fuzzy too. 
 This one if for a dear friends daughter, in her favorite colors.
 This one and the next were going to be for Scrappers Delight challenge. But I deleted my FB account. LOL 3D
 This one isn't totally 3D I used washi tape for the wall paper. Cuttlebug for the brick paper and white washed it with gesso, used a wonderful paste by Sheel for the window frame. for the texture.
Well not much else, but it is after 12:30 pm so guess I should try to get some sleep.
Night! XOXO Nana

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some days..........

Some days really take their toll... and what really stinks is when you don't even know why it is so bad. Today is one of those days... All I can do is cry and I have no idea why. Sometimes I think if I at least knew why I felt so crappy I could work it out faster. Well in my mind it sounds good.

Let see what has been going on??? Do you really care? LOL No, but I am going to type it anyway.

Fighting the neighbors cat to keep it away from the Chickens. Gave the mean hens and extra rooster away. Having fun Bonnie? ha ha ha!!!!

Working on hen house and got hit in the face with a hammer head when it came flying off the handle. In my 50's and got my first black eye and I gave it to myself (rolling eyes) Dr had me go through a cat scan to make sure I didn't break anything or have brain bleed. Nope just a good old fashioned concussion. (Just) And a headache that lasted almost as long as the shinner.

Went to Portland to see Carla and went to see a blues singer- Robert Cray.
It was put on by THPRD: Groovin In The Grass
Sat on a hill of the park away from everyone. Nice breeze blew so no bad smells to make me sick. (Getting there was another thing though) Lovely music you can see a clip here. It was nice to see hubby so relaxed and enjoying the music. Wish J could have been there too. He is fun to be with while people watching.

DD got new glasses and they broke, so had to come up and get them fixed, what a hassle! Got home and they broke again. So they will be coming back this week as P has a Dr appointment too. This time it isn't going to cost her to get them fixed. You'd think glasses would last longer than a week... If they are done right... Just sayin..

Well can't much think of more, well I can but why rehash the whole past. Doesn't change the past or help the future. So move on.

On a very Good note: Welcome back MyMoT! I love you and your wife so much!!! Missing you both too.

Well writing has stopped the tears for now. Maybe I can make a card of two.. See you all later. I know myself it won't' be sooner. LOL
xo Nana

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Thought for the Day"

"Thought for the Day"


Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company, a church , a home.
The remarkable thing is, we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change the fact that people act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. 
The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.

~ Strengthening Your Grip (Word/Insight for Living)

This was sent to mom by a friend that she dearly loves. I love it and am going to try and adjust myself instead of wishing others would change. Isn't it a great thought for the day....

xoxo Nana

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Disgusted but happy

I have been so busy with mom, cleaning out everyones "STUFF"!  Haven't crafted in more than a month... ~~~~~withdrawals~~~~~ But we are reaching bottom. Yeah!
Grandmas stuff, Papa & GG's stuff, people that have stayed some that for some reason never stayed but we have their stuff too. (rolling eyes) when my Mom use to jokingly say "If you are missing something it is probably at my house" (I thought she was joking) NOT!
Years of stuff that mom hasn't seen as my Ex BIL packed a lot of it up and stacked it 2 of the 5 rooms upstairs were completely packed top to bottom, front to back. We now have 2 bedrooms and a craft room with a single bed. We have 2 more rooms upstairs to finish.

Now for the disgusting part... our neighbors 3 doors down have cats. Lots of cats... I want to see the cats gone! 1 in particular as she keeps catching our chicks. Mom had that cat run right past her with a chick. I have seen it hunting them and run her off, but she keeps coming back. She got one 4 days ago I was furious! The Happy part is she showed up today. She is badly hurt, but doing ok for now. I will keep her inside for a few days as she has been without food or water and she is taking some in, but can't walk or isn't very steady.
She is missing a lot of feathers and has some pretty bad gashes. Right now she is sleeping on my chest wrapped in a piece of tee shirt. Making sweet little noises. Here are a couple of pictures of her. She is quite comfortable sleeping in the sling.
 Pretty beat up baby.
She has a bad smell to her so I'm not sure she will make it but hopefully we will be able to tell more tomorrow. In the meantime, anyone know how to keep cats away without hurting them? I have even called the sheriff's office and there is no laws against cats. But I can defend our chicks, but he could sue me if I hurt his cat. The only thing I can do is sue him for the chicks, but there would be no guarantees he would pay. So...I am open to almost any ideas. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening and a good new week.
XO Nana 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Here Chick chick chick...

Well the girls did good.. The Japanese Bantams hatchet 4 and raised 3. Had to chuck 15 from this nest and more from the others.

 This is Rudy and the 3 Girls, later in the day one of the JB hens disappeared.. 
Have no idea but probably the chicken hawk. Darn him!

 This is Sweetheart, She only hatched 1 out of 20+ and the little thing got pushed out of the nest and died so I bought her 4 and whitey was sitting and none hatched so I gave her 4 too. 
She abandoned them and the nest and took over another one. 
Sweetheart took all 8 chicks and last week we lost one to the chicken hawk.
 This is Whitey AKA Princess, she just hatched her own 4 and all are doing well.
 I will try to get more pictures soon. I gave Prissy and Bobby Sue to a friend. Prissy ran off into the sunset she said and Bobby Sue is setting on dud eggs as there is no rooster where she is now.  Both hens were being mean to the chicks, I just figured it would be easier to get rid of a couple of hens and keep the babies. Have a good week, chat soon.

Meljen's challenge-214-dad

Hey, Yeah!!! made it in time for the challenge over at Meljen's.
Finished my bookmark the day after it was over. (roll eyes) Ha ha ha. 
I thought this turned out cute. I love Meljen's digis! You can cutsie them up, dress them up or bling them out! Come join the fun!