Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Second card is for A Day for Daisies

Card #2. I wanted to join in ADFD  Challenge
 It is add a feather challenge. I love feathers... I have boxes of feathers... ;-)
Anyway  I chose this image because I think she is pretty and thought the feather would accent her hat nicely. What do you think? Feel free to let me know.
The sentiment again is from Paulette over at Create with TLC 
She has a lovely ArtsFire Store And she is very reasonable and she also has lots of freebies if you are a crafting buddy. Check her out I know you won't be disappointed. Well when in doubt wear RED
Have a wonderful rest of the week, it's all down hill from here right?.. lol
XO Nana

The Paper Shelter Challenge #214 - Lace and/or ribbon

Don't faint... I made 2 cards woot woot!! and it only took me 5 days. (roll eyes) I made this card for The Paper Shelter challenge. I used a pre made blue square card blank. Picked out the digi I wanted to play with and the sentiment is from Paulette over at Create with TLC.
They go together pretty well in my mind.
Hand colored and used OMS to blend the colors, used gold confetti stars, 3 roses and ribbon and lace from my stash. To get the lace all the way around I pleated the corner and hot glued it to the corner and went to the next corner, until I got all the way around. Hope you like it as much as I did making it.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A few flowers from around here

Thought I'd brighten your day and share some pictures of flowers I have taken. I'm not a good photographer, but I like some of them. First is a field of poppies, I just couldn't get close enough.
  White Peony
 White and Pink Peony
 Red Peony
Pink Roses
 Not sure what kind of rose these are, mom said it isn't what was planted so must have froze to the original root stock.
 Bleeding Heart
 Another Columbine
 Another rose that died back to root stock. I like them.
 White and purple Iris

 Not sure of the tree some kind of weeping I think, with all the lovely forget-me-not.
And the Rooster is Hopper I met him the other day and he is stunning. 
When his little girl gets home from school, he meets her at the bus stop and walks her home.
 Well that's all from me today. Hope you like the flowers, I have more I need to take of rich burgundy iris and pure white iris. And the moss rose and other roses are starting to flourish. I'll try and remember to get some of them too. Have a great weekend!
XO Nana

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monthly Challenge over at Gerda Stiners

 I first saw her new digi, Stinking Cute on Instagram. I fell in love immediately. And low and behold it turned up being the freebie for the challenge. YEAH!!!! Then I ruined 2 printouts and quit for a while. I don't know what is wrong with my paper or ink or??? Probably just me ha ha ha.  I don't give up easy, so I gave it one more try and this is what I made.
It is a Thank you card, inside says "Aww, you scent me flowers. How sweet of you,."
I hope you like it, feel free to leave me a comment on what you think, good or bad. The best way a person can learn is from others. Thanks and have a wonderful Tuesday tomorrow.
XO Nana

A Day for Daisies

Challenge over at ADFD  Oh boy where to begin.. I took some ME time today and I made 2 cards. Woo Hoo.. lol  Anyway, I did a Day for Daisies first and then I will post the second on it's own.
The Challenge is Fairy Princess Love (color board) I forgot and should have used more pinks. I hope this works for their challenge I love her digis and had a very enjoyable time making this card.

You can't tell by the picture but it is 3D. The head and arms. This is the digi I did a few days ago and the face bled all over :-(  I had to quit after ruining 3 digis. So I reprinted her and  finished her off. I like it. A bit plane and simple, but I do like it.. Anyone want to leave me feedback on how to do better, Please I'd love to hear from you.
Thanks for stopping by..
XO Nana

Image by The Papaer Shelter

I have been wanting to do so much craft wise and have not really had any time, but I managed to squeeze in this card for our neighbor. It says "Just an old fashioned Thank you, to an old fashioned Neighbor. Friends are the family we choose,"
F & G are such loving people. They use to help mom when ever the ambulance was called for dad, now with me having health issues he mowed the front yard for me after doing his big yard.

Isn't she just too cute?  You can find her at The Paper Shelter 
They have lots of adorable digis. 
Go check them out, you'll be glad you did.
PS forgot to add I'm intering this in there challenge.  Challenge 202 - Lace
XO Nana

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Today's post brought to you by Pssst n Moan...Warning gripe-fest

Hello, today's post is brought to you by Pssst n Moan.
I'm getting fed up with Dr's telling me, I'm fine my hearts good, and putting me on 6 new medications. (some for my heart) All I want to do is sleep!�� I have so many things I could be doing. Yard work, kitchen, Crafts... To name a few. I'm up for a few minutes and just feel wipped out, so back to bed. Feel like my body is week and heavy. I got part of the yard mowed a couple of days ago, then spent that night and next day and night sleeping.

I called the Pharmacy and was told 3 of the new meds can be causing this problem. Call your Doctor.
OK, called doctor and waited to be called back. After noon I called them again. Was told we'll call you as soon as we can. Later was called and asked "Doctor wants to know, is it your depression or do you think you are getting sick?"
(Insert scream here)��(not really just feel like it sometimes) I said no and no! I called the Pharmacy and they said to call Dr! Then describe what is going on again.
Oh...okay I'll call you back after I check with him again.��
Later.... He wants to see you, let's make you an appointment. How about Friday.
Good thing my mom is so positive, I'm about to loose my temper and she calms me right down. LoL But she can get her comments across when needed. He he he..�� She sings "You've got to accentuate the positive.." To me at times, I told her I'm positive I'm ticked off. But then I can let it go a bit. lol
I came to live with mom to help her out and keep her company, not for her to take care of me! I know what you'll say mom... We keep care of each other. But lately I feel more of a burden to you and hubby than any help. Well as I type this I am flat on my back in bed, wishing the kitchen was clean and dishes done, yard finished and and and... If wishes we're fishes we'd have a fry!
Hopefully tomorrow we will get some answers. Night all...
XO Nana