Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm a Baadddd Blogger....

I'm so bad at blogging lately. Been either sick or very busy or both. lol

Hubby was home most of last week sick, but got himself to work today.  Had an anniversary party last night for my little sister and niece and their hubby's.  Didn't have any gum past or tools so made paper and ribbon decorations.  Want to see how it turned out??? They are just 6 inch cakes and had cupcakes on the side.

L- loves shoes, the higher the better. lol S- loves his flip flops.
What a combination. ;-)
 Triple Chocolate Fudge cake with raspberry filling.

 I made this box for my sister it is all paper and ribbons, the roses are paper too.
This cake is White Chocolate with raspberry filling.
Bows match her box.
Mom cooked a big roast with gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, and broccoli.
Both of my sisters (the one that is married with her hubby), and my brother were here. 2 nieces (the one that is married with her hubby)((kind of a given since it was their anniversaries...)), the next door neighbors and my Felix is here for the week. Hubby was too sick to be around anyone so he stayed upstairs and I took him a plate. So had a nice group for dinner and someone brought a pumpkin  pie and lots of whip cream. 
Little sis was giving the kids shots in their mouths filling them up with whipped cream. LOL 
It was funny to see their reactions. 

Well an update on the Chickens is we have one laying eggs right now. We have had 8 eggs in 10 days, so I figure that is pretty good considering it is freezing here at night. The geese are getting huge and lovely to hear. If I am late for their breakfast they come and tap on the glass sliding door. And if they are out of water they will tap on the down spout of the gutters. 
Hope everyone his having a good week, will try to be back soon.