Sunday, December 22, 2013

You are my Sunshine!!!!

I have such fond memories of this song. Mama use to sing it to us when we were real little. Then when we were old enough we would all sing it together, in round or harmony. (kind of) ;-) I taught it to my boys too. It is a family song, now even Felix sings it with me. When I am down and having a hard time missing the boys or when I would miss mom I would sing this song and bring a smile to my face. (I know where else huh...)
I have a stack of paper I got years ago and never used. I finely decided to use some. I wanted to make the box from the earlier post but didn't want to use paper I really liked in case I messed up the first time. And I have a whole stack of this paper so.... And I love it!! I am keeping this one for myself. I am going to make my mom one with the Chrysanthemums from the previous post. Will post a pix when done.
Well enough chatter... here is the box.

Kind of cute if I do say so myself. 
Have a great weekend!~Nana

Paper Chrysanthemum

I told you last night I would share these, I just love the way they turned out. Will be great to use on lots of things too! Tutorial - Chrysanthemen aus Papier by Steffi Nitzpon  These ladies are so much fun to listen to too. I don't understand German, but they are having so much fun together, I smiled through the whole clip. Enjoy!!  Now here are a couple of pictures of mine.

If you make some, have fun. I sure did. I cheated a bit too. I used my Cricut to cut out the scalloped circles. I was able to get 9 flowers out of one 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch piece of card. Not bad...
XO Nana

Some more boxes

All-righty then.... Here is where I got the tutorial and instructions to make these lovely lovely gift boxes.

Too Cool of her to share huh! Well looky here at some pretties too  Lynn did a beautiful job on her boxes. Gave me a push to try and finish some of mine. Been half done since Felix was here last. And have yet to photo the first box which I claimed as my own. I'll share why when I get pictures of it.
On with the pictures....


I love making these boxes. Keeps my mind and hands doing some thing pretty and good.

I've really been fighting the blues lately. Not seen the sun in a few days and having a difficult time dealing with the deaths of more friends. Well it is almost 3 am and I need some sleep. Been working on some chrysanthemums for cards. Will get pictures of them and a link to the video of how to make them. 
Night Night! XOXO Nana

Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm a Baadddd Blogger....

I'm so bad at blogging lately. Been either sick or very busy or both. lol

Hubby was home most of last week sick, but got himself to work today.  Had an anniversary party last night for my little sister and niece and their hubby's.  Didn't have any gum past or tools so made paper and ribbon decorations.  Want to see how it turned out??? They are just 6 inch cakes and had cupcakes on the side.

L- loves shoes, the higher the better. lol S- loves his flip flops.
What a combination. ;-)
 Triple Chocolate Fudge cake with raspberry filling.

 I made this box for my sister it is all paper and ribbons, the roses are paper too.
This cake is White Chocolate with raspberry filling.
Bows match her box.
Mom cooked a big roast with gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, and broccoli.
Both of my sisters (the one that is married with her hubby), and my brother were here. 2 nieces (the one that is married with her hubby)((kind of a given since it was their anniversaries...)), the next door neighbors and my Felix is here for the week. Hubby was too sick to be around anyone so he stayed upstairs and I took him a plate. So had a nice group for dinner and someone brought a pumpkin  pie and lots of whip cream. 
Little sis was giving the kids shots in their mouths filling them up with whipped cream. LOL 
It was funny to see their reactions. 

Well an update on the Chickens is we have one laying eggs right now. We have had 8 eggs in 10 days, so I figure that is pretty good considering it is freezing here at night. The geese are getting huge and lovely to hear. If I am late for their breakfast they come and tap on the glass sliding door. And if they are out of water they will tap on the down spout of the gutters. 
Hope everyone his having a good week, will try to be back soon.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Get Well card from F & his Mom

 Isn't this just the cutest? I had an emergency appendectomy a week ago tonight. 
My Precious grandson and DD made this card for me as he couldn't sleep and 
he wanted to bring it to the hospital the next morning.  So the stinker got out of school 
for the day and they came up to make sure his Nana was okay.
He signed the other side ;-)) A real keepsake treasure!
Well off to rest again.
XO Nana

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Babies are getting big

Today I'm going to share the newest pictures of the chickens and me.. The 6 we bough think I'm their mama I guess, as every time I go and sit by them they are all over me.
Lovey on my shoulder, Sweetheart on my knee they are both Barred Rocks
2 by my feet are Ameraucana's 1 light and 1 dark

 I think if I was to sit out there all night the 6 would be all over me sleeping
My sister in law came and wanted to see them, she took the pictures. Aren't they funny!!! Although I don't like it when they find my earrings.....
Will try to get better pictures soon, Raining most of the week, turned chickens loose yesterday as the babies can't get through the chain link fencing now. And Tia got nailed my Mama hen yesterday so I think she might just decide they aren't worth chasing.
XO Nana

PS the other 2 of the babies are Rhode Island Reds. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More picture of the chicks

 My 6 Chicks
 3 Buff sisters
 Mama and her 5 chicks, the 3 Buff sisters in the corner.
 First time for L to be in the pen and close to the babies
 They will climb all over me if I set in the pen.

 Sleeping on me

WHAT??? Done already... 

Update on Chicks and Newest Babies

Well we did it... Our babies are doing well and we found some other babies for free, 
we just HAD to have them. lol Newest babies first. Aren't they gorgeous!
 2 months old and lots of room to run
 The 3 buffs are the newest hens (Bantams)
 Our babies know how to get out of the hens way lol
 Put a bench in to hold up the bird netting, 
and a spot for me to sit with them

More updates soon. XO Nana

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A small update on the chicken coup

Here is what has happened so far. Have the coup primed and insulated, inside wall built to have hens separate from supplies.
 Hubby leveled it.

 Mama in the yard resting with her chicks
 Insulation up and sheeting almost up. Just framing separating wall
 The house was built crooked, but hubby has to make the wall strait. LOL

 Almost ready
 Sorry a bit blurry, but babies wanted to go to bed.

 Back side of hen house. We have the whole yard fenced and bird netting over the top,
had some big birds flying overhead, neighbors cat and Mom's chihuahua thinking they were going to have a good dinner. It is pretty secure now.
Now... I need your help, We want to put a sign on the hen house anyone care to suggest a name please leave it in a comment.  My sisters hubby said to call it Tia's KFC.
Tia is the chihuahua. LOL
I will chat with you all soon, XO Nana

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today's venture

Look what we got today... Aren't they the sweetest..

Wasn't real sure about Tia.. She wines and messed about, all the while licking her lips. LOL so I held a baby to her and she was cleaning it and being so sweet until she found the neck. She went for it and got a good scolding. So babies are on top of a table not on the floor. More tomorrow. XO Nana

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Turning a play house into a chicken coop

We are so excited about getting some chickens. Haven't had them since I was a kid. Looking forward to getting them and having fresh eggs and seeing them on the place again. Here are a few starter pictures for today, will post more as we progress. First is after he got it from F's back yard.
 coming down the street
 Deciding which way to drive it to the back yard
 Trying to clear the fence.
 Just squeaked by.

 Avoiding the rose bushes
 This is where it will set
Coming around the back
 Lining it up

And down..
Will post more as we get more done. Need to put wire over the door and windows.
Build perches and nesting boxes, with access to the boxes from the outside.Will take better pictures soon.
Have a great week, back when I can.
XO Nana