Sunday, October 26, 2014

A gift for someone I love

I saw this idea on Wings of Whimsy  Isn't it just the neatest way to re-purpose a book? I thought so.
Here is my take on it. I used glue and washi tape instead of sewing it.

I made a few cards and filled them into the book as a card keeper for a very dear friend. ;-)
She liked it too. (I'm so glad!) My mom said if she didn't she would keep it. LOL So I guess I need to make a few more of these. I love how the color of the papers went so well the original book binding. 

Well Talk to you soon. Working on a little project for my youngest Daughter. 
I like that with raising the 3 boys I missed having a daughter. Well I now have 3 wonderful Daughters. Not the same as raising them, but I'm happy to have them.
xoxo Nana

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Latest goings on...

Well it has been a busy week so far. P had major surgery on his back last Friday, they released him from hospital on Saturday and I went home with them. His wife was running a fever and bad cough. So stayed confined to her room so not to share.

Sunday I pulled the drain as the discharge Nurse had said to from P's back, DD was at Dr's with her mom as she developed Strep throat. Felix has a bad cough and not sure about much more.

Monday P slept most of the day then started running a fever and pain was going up so headed back to Eugene for the ER. Spent from about 9 PM to 2:15 AM in the emergency room. Had hubby meet us there and he brought us home. P is here at our place with us until he gets lots better. If he starts running a fever again he goes right back to the ER. From our house it is a 15 minute drive, from his it is over an hour.

Just found out some friends were in a bad car accident. Not sure about details just know it is bad. Our Prayers are with them and their families.

Well we are getting lots of liquid sunshine, as we call rain here in Oregon. lol  Got to have the rain to be green, too much though and it will be muddy. Ha! And my boys loved the mud when they were little.

Hope the rest of your week is well and check out my card on the previous post, Bee Happy! ;-)

xo Nana

Challenge # 232 Sketch

This week at Meljens there is a sketch challenge. I happened to get home in time to play. Hope you like it.
I know it was suppose to be square but I am out of square base cards and didn't have time to make it, so I improvised.

More update next post, Thanks for looking!
xoxo Nana

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ok just a short update then off to bed

Let see, went and saw Middle son and family 4 weekends ago Then to the Coast with hubby's little sister and hubby the next weekend. Got home Sunday night, youngest son came same night. I left with him on Wednesday to go see middle son and family for a night, then off to Burns to see friends and family over there for the rest of the week and weekend. Hubby picked Felix up Friday and brought him to have fun. Came home last Sunday, kept Felix with us as his parents came up Monday as P had another Dr appointment with neurosurgeon on Tuesday. He called after appointment and said he was going to have to have back surgery to relieve the pain, not sure how much use of his leg he will regain. Called back about an hour or so later and said "We'll be back a week from Friday for the surgery." Boy that was fast! So in less than a week he will hopefully & finely be out of pain and this will be 3rd surgery to boot. At least a 3 month recovery, without knowing if he will regain the strength in his leg, but he said he can drag his leg if he didn't have to deal with the pain.

I know I am a lousy writer and don't know how to put things into words very well, but hey at least I have spell check. HA ha ha....

Well that is my update for the last month. Haven't had a lot of crafting time, but lots of loves from all my boys both big and small. So I can deal with crafting after the hugs.

Talk to you later, have a safe and fun weekend!
xo Nana

Yeah another Challenge at Meljen's

Challenge #231 - Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

I can't hardly believe I was able to come up with a card, but I did. lol I love it too. Great digi from Meljen and I love the sentiment from TLC, (I deleted the word cake) they just kind of go together don't you think?.
Guess I should show you the card before I ask that huh... so here it is:
So? Cute huh...  Makes me smile anyway.
More to update soon. But wanted to get in on the challenge this week. Missed a couple of good ones.

Speaking of missing out... Come check out the swap at Card Making Paradise. Bookmark swap it will be over in soon. Don't miss out.
Talk to you soon.
xo Nana

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quick update

Hi thanks for stopping by, sorry I am not posting for a little bit, I am enjoying time with my kids and grandson. I will be back next week hopefully. Have a great rest of the week and remember to tell the ones you love how much you love them, You never know when unforeseen occurrence may change things to where you say "I wish I had....." Tell them and let them know how much they mean to you.
Honey & Mama, I love you!  Sisters and Brothers I love you all too. All my kids and kid-lets Love you bunches too!
XOXO Nana, Mom, April, Sis