Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Priceless piece of art

Felix painted me another picture... I could just cry (tears of joy) at what this little boy loves to do. His mom is talking him through and showing him how to paint on other paper and then he made me this.
 This baby goes with the one he painted yesterday.
 I just love them and Him!!
I am just amazed at what he has done for me. He asked me, "Nana what's your favorite animal?"
I told him well it depends... I really like Schnauzers and chickens. 
He said that's what I thought.. And these are my gifts from him. 
Well my day has been made. ;-)
Have a good one! XO Nana

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bling it On part 2

I could link up both pictures from one post so here is the second card. This one I blew yellow stickles all over, so the honey comb is partially filled with honey. ;-)
This little busy bee is bringing the bling too. Isn't he cute! 
Make a cute Anniversary card for your Honey. 
XO Nana

New Challenge at Meljens "Bling it On"

Check out Meljen's new challenge Here I love Bling so I made 2 cards using here digis. Love them too!!  I did one using MDdandelionmouse and the other using MDhoneybeebucketsFREEBIE
Dandelion mouse was Friday's freebie..
So here are my cards for Bling it On...
 Dandie Brandie Queen of Bling

Hope you all have a good week, XO Nana

A Priceless Gift from Felix

My middle son and his family are here they came up Friday evening and are staying until Parker has his surgery this coming Tuesday. His wife and son will go home on Wednesday as little man has school. Parker will stay here for a week for Doctors appointments and healing before traveling home. As a surprise I bought Felix a Art Box with paint, brushes, pencils, easel and palette knife etc... He was so happy with it he wanted to paint me a picture. Or do a "project" His mom picked out 3 pictures at goodwill so he could have the frames and matting all ready and he used my area for a bit to hide while doing his "project" LOL Love this guy!!!
Here is what he presented me with today. His mom has to remind him to stop and let paint dry before going on and talks him through it all. I even have his inspiration picture that he looked at while painting. Take a look...
 From inspiration to a beginning

Finished and proud Nana LOVES it!
Framed and finished. By Felix age 8 (soon to be 9)
Isn't it precious!! Love it so much!!!!!
XO Nana

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A New box And Challenge

Dh was watching tv and I was walking through and saw an advert for candy. It was a special Valentines gift... Anyway I saw the box and thought "Oh I need that!" I want to make it so bad... But ?????
Well I sat down last night and was thinking how it might be made and I came up with this. I used the ScorPal to make the big box and all the little boxes inside and the box top. The butterfly is cut from a plastic box that would be recycle and colored and shrank like the Shrinky Dinks, but it didn't shrink that much. lol I ran out of paper so sponged ink the white to go with the papers. The trim is brown lace and peach lace on top of the brown.

Kind of cute huh. I Like it a lot!!!
Entering into the Scor-Pal Challenge
XO Nana

Monday, February 17, 2014

MelJen's A little Birdy

I just had to make another entry into the paper piecing challenge on MelJens.. This was her friday freebie, isn't he adorable! So here I am sending lots of love, using MelJens Digis. Thank you Love!
 This is the inside and I used another one of her freebie digis. 
It went so well together don't you think?
 Here you can see the paper pieces layered.
Used a Silhouette die to frame the picture with, hand colored then mounted to blank card covered with accent paper. Edges of card then sponged with coordinating ink.  
Hope you all have a wonderful Day!!
XO Nana

Friday, February 14, 2014

MelJens Challenge #197 - Love You to Pieces

This weeks challenge at MelJens is: Challenge #197 - Love you to Pieces
And here is my entry...
Die cut heart with the piece to match what the mouse is holding drawn on and colored around. 
Mouse is 3D decoupage, Hands, foot and head. Mouse is printed on a die cut and inked around the edges to match the ribbon. Set on a ready made card blank. 
Inside says- yep you guessed it...
 "Love you to Pieces"
XO Nana

Monday, February 10, 2014

This weeks challenge at MelJens

MelJens  Has a "I heart You" Challenge going on right now through Thursday. I just loved this digi and had to have a play. Here is my card for the challenge. Washi paper background, digi printed colored and 3D decoupaged and then an Origami Japanese girl. Also stickers and nail bling.
The inside says " Making love to you is like eating Chinese food. Fully satisfied, then 30 minutes later you want more..."  Cute huh... LOL
Hope you like her, XO Nana

New week New Challenge

There is a new Challenge over at House Mouse Click Here Sounded kind of easy so thought I would give it a go. My card will be posted below. It is the Feeling Rosy 1997 stamp hand colored with pencils in the middle of a sponged die cut doily. The Challenge is Amethyst, White and 1 other Color. I chose Gold. Sentiment can be found at here She has some very nice freebies and a lot of inspiration to share. Let me know what you think, how I can improve Etc...
I have heard about using odorless mineral spirits to use with watercolor pencils. Has anyone tried it and can you give me any info on it? Love to hear from you.
XO Nana

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today has been ???

Got up today and everything was encased in ice... have a few locals dealing with split trees due to freezing rain and wind, on top of the foot of snow. Poor little robin red breast are all fluffed out trying to stay warm. We had about 25-30 in the holly tree. The cruddy starlings are eating everything put out for anyone, including the chickens. They are something else. I opened the hen house so the chickens might go out on the porch. But all it did was let the starlings go in. I went out and there was a slew of them. Got the surprize of my life when I went to close up the hen house and got hit in the head and face by starlings. I don't like those nasty birds, good thing they are a bit pretty to look at, or I wouldn't like them at all!

First picture is from my bedroom window, after hubby got our little car out. Sent it to my DDil so they would have an idea about the weather. They will be coming tomorrow for Dr appointment on Tuesday. Instead of trying to make the trip in early morning for the appointment.
Next we had to go get some groceries. Due to power failure and store on backup power we couldn't buy anything perishable from the freezers or refrigerators. So got some bread and chips for hubby's lunch and milk from another store. Here we are going to cross the bridge. you can hardly see anything...     

I told DH that it depends on the weather tomorrow as I am not driving much in this. Too many people either don't know how to drive in it or are scared so bad they shouldn't be in it. I just don't like taking unnecessary chances anymore. I know I'm boring and getting old. But al least I'm not stupid. HA ha ha....

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Todays Play Thanks to Norma

I read this blog some time ago and just loved the idea of this box. Check it out...Here
Well I made one, today I pretty much finished it. I skipped some steps, like inking the edges. (slap forehead) Been in a bit of a brain fog. I shall blame the weather. Over a foot of snow then freezing rain on top, warmed up a bit to start melting and then it freezes again. Oh bother....
Anywho.. Back to the box. I used some Tilda images that are just adorable. Colored them with pencil, added a bit of bling in the form of fingernail art. (love the little rhinestones, pearls and fimo bits)  My mom thinks Tilda would look better with the rest of her face. So one has a pearl heart for a mouth. Then I ran out of the big paper flowers so need to make 2 more to finish the box completely. But at least you will get an idea. My oldest grandson is in the process of making one for his mama. I craft with him and his sister on Mondays. We love it! Enjoy the pictures and check out Norma's site for the tutorial on how to make one for yourself!

Enjoy! XO Nana

Friday, February 7, 2014

A New Challenge - Updated

There is a challenge going on over at
And over at
I am going to enter a card for the first time here and it is a challenge I thought would be fun to join in on. Especially now that I have some of the House Mouse stamps. I had a bit of trouble with the laptop and printer but it is done, and I am happy with it. I am going to slip it into DH lunch.
Remember the old Bobby Vinton song "I Love how You Love Me"  I printed that on the banner, and on the inside I put the words from the song.

I Love how your eyes close
Whenever you kiss me.
And when I'm away from you
I love how you miss me.
I love the way you always
treat me tenderly.
But Darlin' most of all
I love how you love me.

Let me know what you think. I know I smeared the ink on the banner, but I think he will be okay with it. It was a fun card to make. Can you tell I like to 3D my cards? LOL Have a good night!

I just had to add the song: Love it! And my DH! XOXO

Thank you for the invite to

Think we might get some snow?

This is the table outside in the yard, and it has been snowing even more.
 And a bit of freezing rain on top... with more coming... Bla!!! I thought it hardly ever snowed in the Valley. Well Surprize... The white stuff is here again... The poor chickens won't even come out of the hen house. LOL If they do we might lose them it is so deep. The dogs don't want to go out either. HA ha ha. Ever watch a chihuahua disappear in snow?  Poor Tia is so little she would be covered if she stepped out the door. She just smells the door and turns around. We have to sweep the snow away and they will potty on the step. Good thing it is the back door, no one really uses it, except me to take care of the chickens and I can watch my step. 
Well I am snuggled up under an electric blanket and am going to get real warm and cozy..
Hope you sleep well... XO Nana

An Update on the Personal side...

Well I am almost in shock... It has been 2 and a half weeks since I last shaved and to my shocking surprize and JOY! I have no boils and no feeling like I am about to get them. I am so happy to have finally found someone to help me clear this up. I can hardly contain it.

So if you or someone you know has a problem like I have had over the last 20+ years, try Phisoderm liquid soap. I will swear by it now. As I am pleased that it worked for me.

Happy weekend everyone!
XO Nana