Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Goodbye is hard

Even if it is a chicken... We lost Rudy tonight. Poor boy just had to let him go. I had Rudy isolated from the rest and the hens kept trying to look through the cracks in the slats like hey what are you doing in there.  I picked Rudy up today, his feet and wattle were cold and blueish red. He cuddled his head into my neck and was struggling to breathe. Like do something for me. So I said okay little guy, I love you enough to not let you suffer anymore. So I loved him and said goodbye. A friend took care of him for me and he is buried out back where the other chickens have been buried.
 On a good note, Mircale crowed for the first time today. Funny he was supposed to be a she. So we still have a rooster on the place. Well better get to bed. Lots to do tomorrow. Hope it is a better day than today.
Xo Nana

Monday, November 24, 2014


Look what came through the post today...
I won this through All Things Paper blog. Oh it is such an interesting book, I had a quick thumb through then had to fix hubby's dinner. So will be reading it in a bit. Has some great looking projects in it too. Now maybe I can learn to use all this fantastic tape I've been collecting. lol
XO Nana

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Poor little Rudy..

My poor Rooster Rudy, is having a very hard time breathing tonight. He is sneezing and wheezing, so bad I am afraid what I might get up to tomorrow. I sure hope he can be helped. I emailed a chicken expert and am hoping to get some help for him. He is a Bantam X Astrolorp
 Isn't he a handsome fellow! I hope he is still with us tomorrow. He is a great rooster and daddy. If you raise chickens and have any info please feel free to leave me a message.
Thanks for your time and help.
xo Nana

Blog Candy by: KT Fit Kitty

Check out her blog, I thought I was a follower I like a lot of her cards. Well I see them posted all over the other blogs I read so maybe that's why I thought I was a follower. LOL Well anyway I am now.
Go on over to her blog and check them out. She has got a lot of inspiration to glean from.
KT Fit Kitty Just click her link, easy peasy....
Have a good day and I will be back to post some cards as soon as I take the pictures. lol
xo Nana

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Gift for Youngest Daughter

Our newest daughter (youngest son's wife) is a very crafty girl, she designs and makes jewelry.  She goes to a lot of craft fairs to sell her wares. And she has even been making her own stands. I wanted to help her a little bit and found a "Great" template Here Pretty cool huh!

 I made it out of heavy glossy card or poster board. (Not sure what it is I got a big bundle of it at Goodwill for a couple of dollars.) Cut the template out covered with felt, then cut the template out again only 1/4 inch smaller all around and glued to the back to cover the felt. I punched holes for the ribbon and attached that before putting the backing on. Here is a picture of the front. Don't have any of the back yet. The ribbon is tied in the back to make it bend and stand. I used a hot pink and white Diva ribbon.
Not the best photographer but you get the idea. Hope she likes them and can use them. The great thing is I can untie them and they will lay almost flat for shipping them to her. Well better get. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 
xo Nana

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Card 2 for Meljen's Hot Chocolate Challenge

This is card 2 for Meljen's challenge. I had some fun time today playing both in the craft room and kitchen. And I love my aprons so this digi is close to my heart in things I like. Brown & white chevron pattern paper edges inked in chocolate, white card die cut with coordinating die and colored with ink to match the ribbon and chevron paper. Pink die cut Thank you to finish the card. Placed an a blank pink card.
The fun in the kitchen today was a cheese cake for mom. She has been so patiently waiting for me to get myself motivated. Glad I did it, it's yummy. ;-)
Love you!
xo Nana

MMmmm Hot Chocolate...

He he he... The new challenge at Meljen's this week is "Hot Chocolate"
(Use brown on your project)  Well I thought of a few ideas and came up with this

Isn't he a cutie. He is from Meljens shop you can find him here I think I got him when he was offered as a freebie. Have to check her out she has a different one each week. Printed on craft and die cut. Layered on a couple of pieces of scrap paper (given to me by my Sis- Thank you Carla!!) Matching thank you cut from same scraps. All edges are inked with chocolate brown ink. And I didn't wait until the last day to try and make a card. LOL
Have a great rest of the week. Oh TGIF is almost here... Have a good weekend too. Off to see if I can make some more cards. I know I'm off my rocker.. ;-)
xoxo Till later, Nana

PS: Sorry forgot to put mark on card.  Now fixed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Time for another challenge at Meljen's

Click Here
A Lovely Autumn Brights challenge.
This was last Fridays freebie I used. Saw a card made like this, but can't remember where on line I saw it. But it is a pocket card. I used the scarecrow from Meljen's  He is a cutie. The paper is just odds and ends that I had. The leaves are just white paper that I sponged different colors on then punched the leaves out. Love the hay and bailing twine. Around here they use a florescent orange twine. First up is a close up of the scare crow. He is 3D and sitting on the hay.

 Punched a star to pull the string through to match
Hope you like him, I do. lol
Have a great week! 
xoxo Nana

Thursday, November 6, 2014

About back to normal

Hey all you Lovelies... Sorry been down.

Last Thursday I was the lucky receiver of a fever blister on my bottom lip, (a bit of sarcasm)  Friday turned into a whole lot of pain on the right side of my face. Dr said I have shingles. He put me on anti-viral medication and antibiotic ointment for my eye. I felt like I had been beaten and left. Talk about hurt... so have spent the better part of the last week in bed. Tuesday saw the eye specialist and she said my eye is fine, but she wants to recheck it just to make sure in 4-6 weeks.

Today I finely feel half way normal. But the amazing thing is I only have 1 lesion from the shingles. The Dr was hoping I wouldn't get any catching it so fast and getting on the medication. But after seeing what it usually does to people I won't complain.

I have been itching to make some cards so hopefully I will be up to that soon. Hope all are well with you and yours. Looking forward to better times ahead.
xo Nana