Sunday, November 15, 2015

Not all Goodbye's are sad...

We had a lovely time today my nice and I. We were invited to a fifties sock hop as a goodbye party for Bob & Jules. I just found out they are moving to Ecuador where the need is great. They are both regular Pioneers and they will be missed. But how exciting to be able to expand your ministry and do so much in Jehovah's service. I found the perfect card pattern and I will link to her site below.
We look forward to news from Ecuador after the move next month. So exciting for them to be retired and have the ability to do something some of us can only dream of due to health and other things. I wish I had a third of Jules energy and spunk. She is such a cutie. So full of love and friendship. Wish I could have gotten to know her sooner. lol Bob I have known for many years and he has a real treasure in his wife. Her name fits her perfectly- she is a Jewel! (I know it isn't spelled the same, but it is said the same, and she really is a Jewel!)

This double bow is so pretty. I can't wait to make it some more.  Sandra's Scrapshop   I think it is going to make some gorgeous Anniversary cards. The only thing is I have to make a box to put it in. I forgot to take a picture of that. But it does make a lovely gift.
Thank you Sandra for letting me make this beautiful card.
XO Nana