Sunday, January 11, 2015

Earrings for Little Lorna

My sweet niece has been taking care of the chickens for me since I got pneumonia again. She gathers the eggs everyday with a big smile. She is the sweetest... Well to our surprise her ears are still pierced. And so I made her favorite bird into ear rings, Owls.. And her favorite color is blue. So she now has some pretty little blue owl earrings to wear to school tomorrow. Made out of paper...
Hope everyone gets a good night and has a great Monday!
XO Nana

Friday, January 9, 2015

Spreading some Love

Cardmaking Paradise

Spread some love!
Tell your friends about our free project!

The Triple Heart Easel Card has been one of my most popular designs, and so I thought it would be nice start to 2015 to spread some love, and give it away free! Please help to pass the love on by either making it and giving it to someone, or by telling your crafty friends where they can find the project. 

Sara is a sweet sweet Lady. How sweet click on the link and get her beautiful Triple Heart Easel card pattern for FREE. I guaranty you will love making it and whoever receives it will too. 
xo Nana