Saturday, June 17, 2017

Oldest Grandson graduates

Well it has been 3 months with no post... I have missed it.  I also have been missing my crafting time.
Yesterday I was able to make a card for our oldest grandson as he graduated 8th grade. I know that isn't what they call it now, but same in the end. lol  He got a lovely award for mathematics. I asked our Daughter (il) what he would like as a gift and she said "He is into a lot of drawing and sketching." So I found a good deal on some pencils, charcoal, pads etc... He was very pleased. I wanted to make a special card for him, he is such a sweet young man. I found a digi at The Paper Shelter I thought would be good. It is the Cockatoo Rules! Isn't he cute! I will post a picture of my card and Grandson below. You will see I gave him a green Mohawk, when you see my grandson you will understand why! ha ha ha... And what boy doesn't like motor bikes...

 On this picture you can see I used gel pens over pencil and it shined. I'm not real good yet but the tank has a flame job in the top picture.
 And here's our boy! So proud of him, top student and also when to state in robotics. When he saw the card his Mom said "Oh look A, he has a green Mohawk too!"
 His Mama & Papa were both so proud. Mama tried to kiss him and papa put his hand up, then she tried again and he slid over to his dad's side and his dad kissed him. Oh man you should have seen the face and heard the sounds. rofl His dad  said "Kind'a weird you out?" He was laughing so hard. He has really sprouted this year too. Mama is 5'11 and dad is 6'. I love my kidos!

 It was sweet memories in the making here, for sure. My youngest sister to a lot of photos with a really nice camera. I hope I get to see them. These were taken with my phone. Hope you enjoyed seeing our family fun.
XO Nana