Saturday, March 25, 2017

It is hard to say Goodbye

For my family...  be it Blood or Spiritual, I am going to stop blogging for now. As it just takes up too much of my time and energies. I am also unsubscribed to almost everything.

I need to get away from the computers and take care of things in my real life. It is always hard to change what we do, but it has to start somewhere and I feel this is best for me right now.

I have learned so much from a lot of different people online, which I greatly appreciate very much.
TLC, The Ton, Altnew, The Paper shelter, Besties, Snoopy's, FPTFY, Splitcoast Stampers, Vera, ADFD, Sami Stamps, Birds, Miss Kate Cuttables, So so many blogs I have followed and learned from. Too many for me to list. Buggabo, TiddlyInks... And this used to be all cake blogs when I was baking, traded paper for the sugar. But it all has to be put into place!

I will still craft but it is going to be after other things are accomplished, or I should say in between things. As I know with my health I will have good days and bad. I just don't want to waste anymore of my good days doing nothing. I need to get more active and I can't do that looking at a computer screen all the time. It has gotten to the point that if we go on vacation I have to have my laptop or Ipad. Not good for communication with the hubby or anyone...

So I will probably check in once or twice a week for now. Instead of off and on all day. I will get weaned from this I am determined!

Love you all so very much and hopefully we can get together soon, Service? or maybe have a meal or watch a show.. but at least spend time together, without my nose in a computer.

XOXO Nana April