Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Goosey ~ Goosey ~ Nope!... Ganders ~~~

All 3 of the geese are ganders so they will be going into the freezer tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it. But I do love the taste when all done. Although I am not the one who is going to do the dirty  (but necessary) deed. Our neighbor is and we will give him a goose for his troubles   er ummm Help... ;-)

 It has been interesting having them but a lot of work too. So this spring when we can get baby goslings and have them sexed so we get girls, I will have the pond and a fenced area ready for them. Don't want to be packing buckets of water and breaking ice for a long while..

My 9 yr old niece is broken hearted about them, but was happy when I told her we would get some babies this spring and hand raise them to be friendly. She has to watch her back around these fellows as they are honery buggers. I told her she could even name one. So... the adventures continue.

More another day... XO Nana

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

For the new one Amilia

I have a new Great Niece and her name is Amilia. This is what I have made for her so far.
Refurbished an old bassinet, new sheets and blankets to go with it. Will update this when I find the rest of the pictures. LOL Can you tell her mama likes purple?



And her card, Inside says
                                                                Mama's Girl
XO Nana

A new venture for me...

I fell in love with some digis on a site called Meljens and let her know I liked some of her pictures.
I also read where she has a card challenge using her digis. So I had to give it a go. Here is where you can get her information and take a look at her work.

The Digi Stamp I used is MelJens Digital Stamp Little Brassiere
The Challenge is Challenge #194 - Not Just Black & White
Bra was printed 3 times and hand cut, shaped and 3D foam behind the cups.
Glued to the doily which was cut with the Cuttlebug and background shapes cut with the Cricut.

Let me know what you think, how I can improve or change for the better. Thanks for stopping by!
Have a good day, XO Nana
 Pink paper heart, pink pearl and pink rhinestones (nail art)
Ha forgot to add Lace around cups is nail art too.
PS: Inside says, Picks you up when you are low.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

This is a Personal Blog so lets get Personal!

This is very personal information, so if you are offended I'm sorry. But I hope this will help someone else besides me.

I have been dealing with some personal issues for many years now. Doctors have not had any good advice, I tend get what is called Sebaceous Cysts. (laymans terms- Boils in the nether regions) I have had 5 lanced or cut out at one time. NOT fun!!! Told for over 20 years, I'm crazy, need to talk to someone professional ... etc.. They had no idea why or how to help. So I turned to the internet for some help.

Can't remember where I read it but back in 1999 I read that some women were getting relief by shaving. Again not what I would consider fun at all, mighty uncomfortable really. But it did help. My Dr said it shouldn't matter if I shaved or not, that I was imagining it helping. Well if I went without shaving for 1 week to 10 days I would have boils.

Just found out from a Urologist I don't have bladder cancer I have bladder ulcers. (Never thought I'd be happy to have ulcers) But I am. He told me that the boils are Staph infection of the Hair Follicles, and it makes perfect sense that if you shave it keeps them down. He told me that if I use a soap called
Phisoderm regularly I should be able to stop shaving and not have the boils. Talk about happy!!
I got good news for 2 problems by 1 Dr that is so caring and professional. I just love him!
Well I am now at 5 days without shaving hopefully I will be done with that!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and has some good news no matter how you are feeling.
XO Nana

Come check out the FUN!!!

Oh you just have to come check out the new fun days at Card Making Paradise
The new fun project is so cool and a great way to use up scraps too. So come and join in the fun!!
XO Nana

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Warning!!! Watch out for scammers

My mom saw an advertisement for some anti wrinkle cream she thought my sister would like. So she read the statement on the site and ordered it. (See below from website) She didn't realize there was more to the Terms than what she saw posted. They charged her almost $200.00. I called and got hung up on 3 times before I finally got a call through. Then was put on hold for over 10 minutes so hung up and dialed again. I got through... FINELY!!! Well the person didn't speak English very well and was upset that he had to repeat himself (sorry!) But CLEARLY stated No Refund! So... Click on all terms and make sure before you follow through with any online purchase, if nothing else research the product too. As this one brings up a lot of Scammer reports.

One is Equinox Serum and the other is Ski Prime wrinkle free. They didn't giver her a confirmation number or anything for a receipt for when she bought it, read below... Get number from bank statement..
Don't know about you but most Banks are paper free or the statement only comes once a month so you are buggered before it comes.

So good rule of thumb----- "If it Sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE~~~ It usually is"
Hope your week is better.... XO Nana

Also the heads up, you get billed from the UK and one is from CA and the other is UT and I checked the shipping and it came from WA.

                                               Offer Terms | Privacy Policy | Contact Us

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

An Update on the Chickens and Geese

Here are a few pictures of our babies... Not babies anymore. LOL We have 2 roosters, I love to hear them crow.  Today they were competing on which one was better I think as they kept taking turns crowing and chasing the girls. HA ha Typical rooster. The one is Rudy, he is a Gorgeous rooster and the other well.... we weren't sure if it was a hen or a rooster at first as he has no spurs, and just got his comb and waddle all the sudden. He is Cousin Itt... You will understand when you scroll down and see him. Rudy is a brother to Itt, Prissy, Little Girl and one more. Forgot to get a picture of 2 of the hens. Mama (an Australorp) is the one that hatched these out. Itt and one other had mohawks and if they didn't look funny. We called the black hen with the mohawk Hohawk, but a dog killed her. One of the Barred Rocks vanished. Have no idea as there were no feathers or anything.. Out of the ones we bought 2 barred rocks, 2 Rhode Island Reds, and 2 Ameraucana we have 3 left. Sweetheart is a Barred Rock, (Red is a RIR but forgot to get a picture of her) and Gorgeous Flame is a Ameraucana.

 Sweetheart is a Barred Rock
Mama is an Australorp

 Little Girl
3 Japanese Bantams AKA The Buff Sisters. HA ha ha
And these are the goosers... Not sure if male or female 
But have a suspension that 2 of them are males.. nasty temper and they hiss a lot!
Their knobs on their heads are big too. Not sure if they are African Geese or Chinese Geese.
If you have any comments on breads or anything feel free. I love to learn different things about critters.
Well have a good week, tomorrow is Hump Day!
Hopefully it will be the start of a better year. Can you believe is it 2014?