Monday, March 30, 2015

Just a little quick post to show you a smile

This is my oldest sisters daughter, Lorna. She has been asking to learn to crochet. So I sat with her for a bit and she picked it up so stinking fast. She even picked up on her mistakes before getting to far along. So I showed her how to remove stitches to the problem and go back. This is her first potholder for her mama. First time to try and finished her first project in one afternoon. Now she is working on a scarf, double stranded... All on her own. Isn't that smile saying a lot. ;-)
Have a good Monday!
XO Nana

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Goodbye Meljens Blog / Shop as we know it

Hello to new and better things. I just had to get some of Meljen's digi's before she closes... Here are a few that are in progress for cards coming soon... Thank you Melissa for all the wonderful digis and fun. You are very talented and I hope your new adventures turn out the way you want. If you like these digi's you have 2 days before her shop closes.

Now I'll make it easy for you click HERE  to go to her shop, you only have 2 shopping days left before her doors are closed. And the kicker is they are all 50% off! Hurry and shop now as time is running out. And remember when you use these digi's to give credit where it is due. Just like anyone else hard work, if you use it abide by their TOU.
Have a great week.
XO Nana

Monday, March 23, 2015


I was thinking about saying goodbye to meljen's, When I heard she was closing shop I thought I'd have to say goodbye, but I think it will just be see you later. I can't wait to see what you have Melissa has in store for the future. Here's the card I made thinking of you her. Okay does that read better? LOL

Hope you like it Melissa. Thanks for all the lovely digits, be it freebies or bought.
Xo Nana

Todays card, now have to hussle family is!

Challenge over at Meljen's 252 Recipe... Not the kind of recipe you are use to either...
1 Digi, 2 Papers and 3 Embellishments
I love all of Meljens designs, but this little chihuahua I just had to color for mom. The sentiment is from createwithtlc Paulette and her daughter Bri have some great digis for sale and lots of freebies for followers. Put the two together for some wonderful cards!!
Isn't he just so stinking cute! Love the pompom's on his hat, they are real pompoms too. So I have
1 digi Meljens Designs Chili Chihuahua
2 papers White card and Harlequin pattern paper
3 embellishments Brads in corner, feather in hat and pompoms on hat.

Fun recipe don't you think...  Well if you like it isn't to late to join in the fun.

And a side note***  Meljens shop is closing as of the 31 of this month. So if you like her digis (Like I do, can't have to many) and want some she is having a 50% off sale as she is closing. Better hurry time is running out.
Catcha Later gator ;-)
xo Nana

Monday, March 16, 2015

A new card, Thanks to Gerda Steiner Designs

I just love chickens... As if you didn't already know. lol Well when I saw this digi I had to have it!
It is colored in memory of our old cat growing up, his name was Spoof. It looked as if someone had dipped a paint brush in black paint and drew a line from his forehead to his nose. A black spot on his ear and back and tail. Other than that he was white as clean snow. Everyone said he was ugly as a kitten, after he grew up he was a love!! I had pictures of him sleeping in the sunshine with baby ducklings, baby rabbits and chicks. But let a wild animal on the place and he would kill it.
So with no further ado's...
On the inside it says "To let you know. You've been on my mind"
I am entering this on Gerda's blog challenge. She has a lot of talented people posting lovely cards.
Come join the fun!
XO Nana

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Just had to share...

Hubby and I took a drive and then a little walk. Ended up and Barns and Nobles. Sat and thumbed through some of the new magazines, I'd love to have. And saw something I recognized. Want to see?
I knew I had seen that baby art before and sure enough, they got it from Create with TLC. Yea Paulette. I was so tickled at seeing it I forgot to take down which mag it was in. Ha ha ha... Oh well I'm sure Paulette already knows anyway. If you like how these turned out go check out what she has. She has a lot and is very talented along with her daughter Bri. So get a Cup of whatever you like and go browse their sites. But WARNING>>>> Your going to find lots that you love. ;-)
XO Nana

Meljens Challenge: Seeing Double

They told me that Mog and Kopo were going to be my grand fids from them. I told them that was fine. I get lots of pictures too. Since they love cats I decided that this would be Purr-fect for them.
They both love red and black so had to go with it. I think it turned out pretty cute. If you knew them you'd know it fits both of them Purr- fectly. ;-)

XO Nana

Friday, March 6, 2015

Boy Time Flys.... Warning Long Post...

Well it has been a bit, I meant to join in on the last challenge at Meljen's and the swap at Card Making Paradise. But I got a surprise call from hubby last week while he was at work. conversation went a bit like this.
N "Hi Honey"
P "Hi, I wanted to know- and I want your Honest opinion! Would you like to go to the Coast?"
N I said "Do bears poo in the woods? Yes I would love to."
P"Can you call around and get a room and I will take Monday off."
N "Sure where do you want to stay Florence, Newport or Lincoln City?"
P "Newport or Lincoln, Should I take Tuesday too?
N I said " Honey That is totally your call! But I will support whatever you do."  Yeah like I'm going to pass up a trip to the coast... HA! No way!!!

We got up Saturday no room reserved, as the motles I called said they couldn't be sure about my MCS that they wouldn't chance it. So off we go with no room for Sat, but Sunday- Teusday morning were taken care of. We staied at The Looking Glass Inn, LOVE it!!!!
Stoped at Motle 6, no rooms, stoped at a dinky place and Oh my goodness, just opening the door was enough, I couldn't even go in. So we tried another called Knights Inn. Not a lot to look at, but it was clean and they gave us a room that hadn't been used for a few days so was aired out. We had a ver nice sleep on a very comfy King size bed.

At The Looking Glass Inn, (we've staed there befor) We had a King bed with kitchen and a Garden Jacuzzy tub in it's own area, fireplace. Totaly relaxing area of the Taft district. We watched the seals and had a fire on the beach. And all in all a Lovely time. I took some pictures. Want to see?
Look below and I am going to post some. Enjoy the pictures. They make me smile.
 First night we went out for dinner. I had the Chicken Cury.
 Can you see all the seals across the bay?
 From our room
 The fire.. Love it!
 This was High tide, see the stick poking up we were way past that the night befor.
 Seal poped up in front of me so I took it's picture.
 A few tied pools, as we were leaving the coast we drove 101 down to Florance. 
The tide was out so we had to strop for a bit and enjoy the pools.
 The seals get up here on high tide and stay untill it comes back in. 
There were some young ones in the water around the rocks.
 If anyone knows what this is please let me know. It was under the grass, but caught my eye.
It was like imbedded in the rock hard but smooth.
 Our last sunset, till we meat again...
 Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo Nana