Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today's venture

Look what we got today... Aren't they the sweetest..

Wasn't real sure about Tia.. She wines and messed about, all the while licking her lips. LOL so I held a baby to her and she was cleaning it and being so sweet until she found the neck. She went for it and got a good scolding. So babies are on top of a table not on the floor. More tomorrow. XO Nana

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Turning a play house into a chicken coop

We are so excited about getting some chickens. Haven't had them since I was a kid. Looking forward to getting them and having fresh eggs and seeing them on the place again. Here are a few starter pictures for today, will post more as we progress. First is after he got it from F's back yard.
 coming down the street
 Deciding which way to drive it to the back yard
 Trying to clear the fence.
 Just squeaked by.

 Avoiding the rose bushes
 This is where it will set
Coming around the back
 Lining it up

And down..
Will post more as we get more done. Need to put wire over the door and windows.
Build perches and nesting boxes, with access to the boxes from the outside.Will take better pictures soon.
Have a great week, back when I can.
XO Nana

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BIG Blackberry

I got this one from the garden today, mom has thorn-less blackberries also called tame blackberries. This is the biggest one I have seen in a long time.
Nice huh...
Have a nice night I'll check back as soon as I can.
XO Nana

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weekend with the kids

We went down to see the kids and Little man for the weekend, had a lovely time. Here is a couple of pictures of the area we were at.  First off Felix and Papa. Had to remind Felix he is not invincible and he needed to stay closer to adults, he thinks that life jacket will save him no matter what and has no fear of water with it on. What a boy. We kept him on the side without the swift current.
 Looking down stream, Gorgeous area!
 Osprey nest on the tip top of the tree. They are amazing!
 The water was fairly warm to me, but I didn't last long as I fell on the rocks 3 time I got out and called it quits. I'm too old and hefty for slipping in the river. HA ha ha...
This was our weekend and we had a lovely day! Hope you did too!
XO Nana

So I'm behind a bit...

Sorry bout that. Will try to catch up. A while back I met a very interesting lady. My hubby has known her and the family since he was a little boy. My mom first met her and fell in love with her eccentric personality. Mom said the first time she met M she was wearing a necklace as a head piece with the center hanging on her forehead.  I heard she had a very hard up bringing and then spent time as a missionary in South America. She loved the people over there as they were simple people and colorful.  Mom and hubby said I needed to make her a poncho that was bright and colorful for her, as she is I think getting close to her 90's and has a hard time keeping her shoulders warm. So this is what I made.      
Colors didn't show up as nice as I had hoped. If I see her wearing it I will try for another picture. She called mom and asked to borrow a walker as her hip was bothering her. So mom at 9PM took her the walker and the poncho. She was so pleased with her new Zarape.  Mom found later that M had to be taken to hospital that night because her hip was so painful, she also informed mom that she wore her new Zerape the whole time too. So we know she likes it and that made me smile. More post coming soon I hope. LOL
XO Nana