Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dinner Greek style

Boy what a weekend! Got to the kids Friday evening. Finished the paper lanterns
Slept in a little bit and was at the other house for the party about 11 am. Started on unloading the cars. Then as we were sorting groceries, dd was getting table and things organized. We took the couch out onto the deck to make room for the extended table. DD had bought fabric for the cloth and it was about 3 foot short. So she left to find another piece of fabric. As it was getting late I took the 2 foot section of the dining table out and pushed it back together and then pushed the 8 foot+ extension up to the table and if just fit perfectly. (She had bought a 5 yard piece of black fabric for the table cloth, I washed it then trimmed edges and rounded corners slightly and surged all the edges.) I'm glad we were able to use it as I didn't take my serger and didn't have time to do another one. HA! Here is the table.. There was 13 guest as 3 were too sick to attend.

As each guest arrived they were treated to a hand made fresh corsage or boutonniere. This was done by a family just to enjoy the company of friends and family. I am so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends. New and old.
We baked the cakes first so they could set and cool. Parker had already made the Ice Cream and Sorbet they were in the freezer.

Started with the Pork loin, Parker filet it so as to unroll the meat, placed a goat cheese and I can't remember what else over the top and re-rolled it, layered pepper bacon over the top and under then tied the whole thing. See picture:
Goat cheese stuffed Pork Loin

 Oh lets see, he made the Phyllo cups the day before, for the spanakopita. Umm... He made up the spread of goat cheese with olives, lemon and thyme to go on the Crisp Rosemary flat-bread.  He wanted it to meld for a bit so the flavors would combine and intensify. He stuffed the figs and got them all ready to cook, See picture:
Dried Fig Souvlaki
Phyllo cups
Spinach, feta, mozzarella Parmesan

Then I was asked to prep the tomatoes for an appetizer it was stuffed with grated mozzarella cheese, drizzled with olive oil and fresh chopped basil. See Picture:

We were so busy prepping the food we could ahead of time, the time just flew by and it was so much fun to be in the kitchen with Parker. At this point I felt I was running in circles...o-0
Parker gave an introduction to the dinner: Tonight you are going to be served foods that will push your taste buds over the edge. Some of the things you might never have even heard of. All I ask is that you at least taste it. You don't have to eat it if you don't like it, but please taste it first. Last time we had a lady that said "I Don't like goat cheese!" Parker asked her to please try it and she found out it was pretty good. She did like goat cheese fixed this way.  So on to the dinner:

First up was the Crisp Rosemary flat bread with goat cheese and Stuffed tomatoes with a drink called the Greek Lantern

The Spanakopita and dried fig souvlaki

Then...Oh boy Um..
I think it was the salad and Greek Mojitos

We got so busy we forgot to take some of the pictures. totally missed the Salad and Greek lemon soup. Then there was Fish and asparagus with sweet peppers,
And look at this set of dishes.. Oh my... Gorgeous!
Then the Pork and potatoes and a glass of wine.

Then he served a lovely cake with homemade coffee ice cream and Greek Coffee. 
Sorry no picture of this either. It really was a mad house in the kitchen. LOL
To finish off the whole dinner he served Spiced Fresh Orange and Honey Sorbet
When he first served this up they looked like rose buds.  By the time we put the house back in order and cleaned up ready to go back to the kids it was about 11:30 pm. 
What a wonderful time was had by all!!! Well this was a long post. LOL It could have been longer too. HA!

PS: Thanks to Lori Lange at We have used a lot of your recipes to serve other with great success. Why not check out her site and find yourself a new family favorite today.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gifts from Pooh

I got the best surprise the other day. A lovely big box came in the mail. I should have taken pictures of the box. My niece hand decorated the box all around with flowers, a goose, and chickens. A big feel better soon across the top. And I couldn't believe what she sent. I have a new personal quilt with chickens and lovely colors. I couldn't believe the Chicken necklace.. Oh my...
Isn't she the cutest thing ever...
Mom squealed too. LOL  I'm sure you'll share with me huh?... Yep! 
I get my love of a lot of things from mom. Chickens (real or not), glass, marbles,
 brass, pottery, dishes, baking pans fabric... 
Oh my the list goes on and on, anything crafty for me. Ha! 
 I shared the chocolate like a good girl too ;-) Even sent the last piece to work with hubby. 
Only because he didn't get a chance to eat it before I could share. Right Pooh.. ha ha ha...
Oh I know there was more in the box, but this necklace just blew me away. I am laying under my quilt as I type, LOVE it!!! Will get a picture of it soon.
Thank you so much Pooh and Hubby. 
XOXOXO Nana  (Aunt) April

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Aidan's Box

Aidan wanted to make a box ... but not the same as his sister. Go figure. LOL So he made this one for his mom. She loves Cheetahs so I found some pictures online and he colored them and then we used the Cuttlebug to cut them out. He really wanted a special paper so it took a while to find it but we did...

The big rose on top was Aidan's idea, he wanted it to match the paper, so we punched out some in the paper and bottom row is velum hearts, but they look like petals.  Sorry the pictures an't very good. My camera is glitching on my phone. And it copied one picture 5 times instead of taking the other sides.  Ha I'd like to know how it did that. The lens is broken on my phone too so I guess they aren't as bad as they could be.  He is definitely a hands on thinker.. 
He got an award at school for building a working ferris wheel  out of ? can't remember.
My son said it went a hundred miles an hour, but it worked. LOL
Well I'm done in and will try to make something more soon. 
Have lots going on in my mind for cards and crafts. 
We'll see what can be done...
Night All!
XO Nana

Beah's Box

This is Beah's box for her mom. She is a very sweet girl that likes lots of bling!!
 See the bling on the center of the brad...
 Bling bling bling... Little girls can never have too much. 

 Flowers and pinwheels alternate the sides.  
And there is bling on the pinwheels too. 
With help she even made the big roses. It was fun to craft with her.
XO Nana

Up First is Little Man

Felix was so excited to get his art kit, he just had to make me the pictures remember??? If not you can click  Here Well his mom bought him 3 frames and he was just itching to finish the last one. He said We have a rooster = dad, chick = baby we need to do the mom. So when they came to take Parker to his last Dr visit and go home he finished and this is what I have...
 Isn't she pretty! Looks like our white hen, LG (Little Girl)
So, now I have a beautiful set of pictures that are priceless and very well done. I still have a hard time knowing he is only 8 years old. LOL Granted almost 9 but still.. I just love them! And him!!
Have a good night-day- whatever...
XO Nana

Finally got a card made

Took a bit of doing, due to another infection. But I got her done. MelJen is having a 
200th Challenge Celebration. Here I thought this digi was just perfect for it. 
Picture in your mind.. Teeny boppers with pom poms... Yelling 
Ready! Go! 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 
It's time to Celebrate! 
(hee hee hee)
 at an angle you can see how she is 3D
 I stuck the shoulders of the tank top together and 3D the bottom of her top,
Skirt and one tennis shoe. Pom Pom's and her ponytail. 
I will probably use it for an Anniversary card. I think she is cute! 
More post coming... from the Grands...
XO Nana

Friday, March 7, 2014

Crafting Vicky: WooooW Celebration in order!!! it's 500 followers - 16 prizes!!!!! And a prolongation to the giveaway

Come check out Crafting Vicky She has a lot to be happy about. Over 500 reasons and growing. LOL

She is having a great candy giveaway with easy to follow instructions. Why not join in the fun and maybe she will hit over 600 soon... Who knows??


XO Nana