Thursday, June 20, 2013

Letter to the Editor of The Eugene Register Guard

I'm sending this letter to the Editor of the Eugene Register Guard. I hope the people that were involved read it and get the point.

Stop being stupid!

My mom and I went to town and did some shopping at Walmart and as we were leaving an older gentleman was in the car next to ours tapping on the window and waving us over. I looked into the car and he said "Help me I'm locked in..." He was drenched with sweat and breathing hard.

I immediately called 911 and reported it, as the officer was repeating the plate an older woman came out and said "What's wrong with my car?" Mom said nothing's wrong with the car it's the man in the car.  She said "Oh he's fine..."

I told the dispatcher his wife just showed up, he said okay, but if they need an ambulance call right back.

The gentleman wanted to call for the ambulance as he said he was about done in. Another woman came by and said "What's wrong I gave him water?"  (found out it was his daughter)

 I was so mad I could have spit! YOU don't treat a dog like this you sure as heck don't treat another human being like this. Especially one you are suppose to love. They had one window down about 2-3 inches, red car sitting in full sun and it was about 70F or so out, so figure the car was close to 100F. He said "I've been here all afternoon..."  The wife said "No you weren't! It was 1:30 pm when we got here. He asked what time it was and I looked and it was about 2:18 pm. I asked again, "Do you want me to call for an ambulance?" The woman said "He's fine"  He wanted one but was afraid of a big bill, I said you don't have to go anywhere just let them make sure you're okay. He said yes she said no... then he said oh maybe not.. I looked at the daughter and told her to call 911 right back if they need to as they knew where they were and could check him out. She said she would if they needed to.  We left in tears, I hurt for him and made me miss my dad even more.

I'm still so stinking mad I can hardly believe it... They need to appreciate this poor old man, I don't care what his health is, you don't leave anything living in a hot car! I'm so thankful they came out when they did or he might not been alive if they had waited much longer. I truly hope this gentleman is alright. I did some looking into temps in cars left in the sun, here is one site.  This is only on kids not on adults or animals. And This poor man was wet with sweat when I touched him and was breathing hard. I wanted to call 911 back and ask if they could track down the car and check on him..

I am worried about a very sweet old man that was locked in a car, and his wife was more concerned about her stinking car....

People... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... Don't leave anyone or anything living in your vehicle, it really doesn't take that long to have a very serious problem on your hands, and who wants to be blood guilty of anything? 


  1. Disgusting. People make me sick sometimes. If you can call them people. Poor old man.

    1. I just felt so bad for him, and it really made me miss Dad. They need to appreciate him more and I needed to vent. Just goes to show the times we are living in....

  2. OMG I can't believe people at times. The poor old chap and to be treated like that by his wife and daughter. Why on earth did they lock the car? If the car had been unlocked he could have got out, why take him with them if they or he didn't want to go into the shops????? Wonder where their brains hid out at times.
    Lynn xx