Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A little chicken update

Our hens have been laying, A LOT!!! The Japanese Bantams are the ones nesting without getting up. Prissy pushed one out of the nest so she could lay in it. I am not sure we will have any chicks but??? Check this out.
 They have about 20 or so under them each nest
 And this little lady bites, Hard! I'm not sure how many she has. I have seen another hen climb in with her and lay more eggs and she lets them I have 6 nest and they only use the 3. Goofy girls.

 Well I need to catch some sleep before I have to get up. Night all~ or should I say morning?
xo Nana

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  1. What daft chooks you have got April! They do like sharing and we used to have a separate broody house with a run so that other hens couldn't lay in the nests. Although we sometimes had to remove the nest boxes and just let the hen sit on bare boards if they went broody to often as some will.
    Lynn xx