Friday, March 6, 2015

Boy Time Flys.... Warning Long Post...

Well it has been a bit, I meant to join in on the last challenge at Meljen's and the swap at Card Making Paradise. But I got a surprise call from hubby last week while he was at work. conversation went a bit like this.
N "Hi Honey"
P "Hi, I wanted to know- and I want your Honest opinion! Would you like to go to the Coast?"
N I said "Do bears poo in the woods? Yes I would love to."
P"Can you call around and get a room and I will take Monday off."
N "Sure where do you want to stay Florence, Newport or Lincoln City?"
P "Newport or Lincoln, Should I take Tuesday too?
N I said " Honey That is totally your call! But I will support whatever you do."  Yeah like I'm going to pass up a trip to the coast... HA! No way!!!

We got up Saturday no room reserved, as the motles I called said they couldn't be sure about my MCS that they wouldn't chance it. So off we go with no room for Sat, but Sunday- Teusday morning were taken care of. We staied at The Looking Glass Inn, LOVE it!!!!
Stoped at Motle 6, no rooms, stoped at a dinky place and Oh my goodness, just opening the door was enough, I couldn't even go in. So we tried another called Knights Inn. Not a lot to look at, but it was clean and they gave us a room that hadn't been used for a few days so was aired out. We had a ver nice sleep on a very comfy King size bed.

At The Looking Glass Inn, (we've staed there befor) We had a King bed with kitchen and a Garden Jacuzzy tub in it's own area, fireplace. Totaly relaxing area of the Taft district. We watched the seals and had a fire on the beach. And all in all a Lovely time. I took some pictures. Want to see?
Look below and I am going to post some. Enjoy the pictures. They make me smile.
 First night we went out for dinner. I had the Chicken Cury.
 Can you see all the seals across the bay?
 From our room
 The fire.. Love it!
 This was High tide, see the stick poking up we were way past that the night befor.
 Seal poped up in front of me so I took it's picture.
 A few tied pools, as we were leaving the coast we drove 101 down to Florance. 
The tide was out so we had to strop for a bit and enjoy the pools.
 The seals get up here on high tide and stay untill it comes back in. 
There were some young ones in the water around the rocks.
 If anyone knows what this is please let me know. It was under the grass, but caught my eye.
It was like imbedded in the rock hard but smooth.
 Our last sunset, till we meat again...
 Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo Nana

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