Saturday, May 16, 2015

A few flowers from around here

Thought I'd brighten your day and share some pictures of flowers I have taken. I'm not a good photographer, but I like some of them. First is a field of poppies, I just couldn't get close enough.
  White Peony
 White and Pink Peony
 Red Peony
Pink Roses
 Not sure what kind of rose these are, mom said it isn't what was planted so must have froze to the original root stock.
 Bleeding Heart
 Another Columbine
 Another rose that died back to root stock. I like them.
 White and purple Iris

 Not sure of the tree some kind of weeping I think, with all the lovely forget-me-not.
And the Rooster is Hopper I met him the other day and he is stunning. 
When his little girl gets home from school, he meets her at the bus stop and walks her home.
 Well that's all from me today. Hope you like the flowers, I have more I need to take of rich burgundy iris and pure white iris. And the moss rose and other roses are starting to flourish. I'll try and remember to get some of them too. Have a great weekend!
XO Nana


  1. Beautiful flowers April! I am not a garden girl so I really enjoy it when others post their flower photos!

    1. Oh Pam, I love the dirt and working in it and seeing all the things grow. Makes me so happy and amazed at all the wonderful gifts we are given every day.
      XO Nana

    2. Eureka, it's taken a bit of detective work, but I have finally found out who you are and it's a joy to see that you have a beautiful blog!
      I am just off to bed now, but will make time to read some of your posts before I go

  2. A beautiful garden , lovely pretty flowers ,,xx