Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sick & Tired of being sick and tired

I love the definition of Tired =
adjective: tired
in need of sleep or rest; weary.
"Fisher rubbed his tired eyes"
synonyms:exhausted, worn out, weary, fatigued, dog-tired, dead beat, bone-tired, ready to drop, drained, zonked, wasted, enervated, jaded; More
informaldone in, bushed, whipped, bagged, knocked out, wiped out, pooped, tuckered out
"you're just tired from traveling"
antonyms:energetic, wide awake, fresh
bored with.
"I have to look after these animals when you get tired of them"
synonyms:fed up with, weary of, bored with/by, sick (to death) of;
informalup to here with
"are you tired of having him here?"

I've been so down haven't even wanted to craft. Dr said it should pass soon.. I hope so! I did have a little play yesterday, I sat in the recliner and colored some beautiful new Besties  otherwise known as the Big Eyed Girls, by Sherri Baldy. Took all day to color 6 little girls. Done with colored pencil and blended with OMS. (Odder-less Mineral Spirits)
 I thought the first one would be sweet for a baby card.

And the second would be good for any occasion that calls for dressing warm.  I heard friends across the state shoveled 25 inches of snow out of their driveways... YUK! that is the only thing I don't miss from there.  

 I know some people don't care for fantasy pictures but I thought Sherri did such a cute job on this little Mermaid, I had fun adding color to her. Oh and sparkles and pearls.
 The last one is a brand new release I had to have her for someone special. It made me think of her immediately. And I owe her a card too. Sorry the pictures didn't turn out real well.

Hope you've enjoyed your stop by... Thanks for looking and see you all soon I hope.
XO Nana


  1. super cute April! Hope you're feeling better! I got a product from plexus that really helps me be more motivated! It's for blood sugar! I like it!

    1. Ho Pam thanks for coming by my blog. My bg is doing alright now, but my asthma has been giving me a hard time off and on. Just have to keep on it and deal with it the best we can. Take care.

  2. These are so cute and coloured beautifully! I have only recently discovered the joy of colouring. It's so therapeutic isn't it!

    1. Oh yes it is Lottie, my mom even bought a couple of color books and crayons. LOL
      Thanks so much for stopping by.