Monday, January 25, 2016

Well I finely did it...

Well the fun of having chickens has it's ups and downs... We had a young roo that was hurting the girls. So he is no longer among the flock. I had no idea a home raised chicken would taste so much better than store bought. From this----
 To this----
And he browned up so nice I forgot to take a picture after it was done as we were hungry and it smelled so good. I think free range and organic feed is paying off. We still have one roo left and he is very protective of the girls. His name is Rudy2 lol

 His long tail feathers are gone due to a hawk. I can't do anything about the hawk, but Rudy2 can. And he does he calls out a certain scream when the hawk is around. So we can wave our arms and scream at him and that seams to make him go away for a while.

XO Nana


  1. What lovely chickens you have, and well done you for getting it oven ready! I used to be able to despatch quails, and they made lovely meals, but I never had the strength to do chickens, but they provide us with lots of eggs, (and die naturally from old age) I get a farmer friend to "grow" big chickens for me for the oven, and freezer, and it's lovely to see them running around his field and enjoying a good life.

  2. Thanks Lottie, I have given a lot of chickens away to friends as I wasn't wanting to to all of it. But giving them away has added up $$$ And they just butchered of gave away the ones they got from me, so I bit the bullet and said enough! I won't keep a mean chicken, be it Roo or Hen. But as we have been free ranging them and organic feed I just had to do it. Old Mama has quit laying, but she has served us many a good egg and she will stay free range until she dies naturally from old age. She is a good hen with anyone's babies and she is very affectionate too. If you don't get the back door closed she will come in the house. lol