Friday, December 7, 2012

Made my Little Man HAPPY!

Felix our youngest grandson has been wanting me to teach him how to crochet and knit. And make stuffed animals, cards, cookies etc... His favorite thing to bake is Pumpkin Roll from scratch. The only thing he can not do is flip the hot pan onto a towel.

Well anyway on to today's post. We took a trip to see the folks and Mom and I had to go to Goodwill. You can't go and not shop there... I got Felix a Boye Small Round Loom. Oh boy he just loves it!

He said "Hey Nana look... WOW By the time I'm a teenager I should be pretty good at this. I want to make dad a bottle cover and Mom a Scarf and I want to make a hat and.... "

I just giggled he is so sweet. His papa is working on his pickup and Felix looked out and said "Can I put this on pause for a bit I want to help papa."  I about lost it.. Put it on pause?? LOL It isn't a game or a video it is a craft of course you can put it down and pick it back up later.

I love their little minds, always thinking of something. Hope you all have a great day! XO


  1. Oh love it - Put it on pause :D Aren't children so funny? It is great for Felix to be so interested in so many things and of course they are all good for his hand/eye coordination skills which boys are usually quite poor at.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of your grandson and his loom.
    Lynn x

  2. Put it on pause? Ha! Oh my is he getting so so big. Tell him his Aunta loves him so so so much.