Friday, December 28, 2012

To all my friends and Family

Just so everyone knows I am not ignoring anyone.

I am at my mom's as my dad is dying and it is now just a matter of time. We wait... He has outlasted the Dr's expectations by almost 23 yrs. He is so tired and just wants to go to sleep, but doesn't want to leave mom either.

I have limited internet connection and have been having password problems so I think it is just best for the stress not to be messing with it right now. I will be back around later when I can.

Hope everyone is doing the best they can under what ever circumstances you are facing. Remember to love your family and let them know they are loved. And if I haven't told you lately, know I love you too!

Sorry this is short but I am needed elsewhere.

Love Nana


  1. I was blog hopping from Bird's forum and found your post. I am sending you hugs during this difficult time Nana.

  2. Big hugs April through this most difficult time. I have been there and empathise with you. My thoughts are with you and will see you soon
    Lynn xx