Sunday, March 10, 2013

Exploding Bird House

I just loved this when I saw it.
Just a very clever way to make a nifty gift. 
Template can be bought at
She has a wonderful Friday Freebie and a lot of sales for real reasonable. I have had this file for some time and finely had the nerve to make it. I'm showing it before I put the grands pictures in it though ;-)
Some of the kids don't want their kids pictures online. I have to respect their wishes.  I love the exploding boxes and this being a bird house just made it that much cuter. Don't you think?? The bird is off an envelope my mom received with foam pad behind him so he stands off on the perch and the flowers are fingernail art and paper. Edges of the roof were inked and then glittered with Espresso glitter.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I know I have. XO Nana

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  1. You don't post for a few days then suddenly lots of posts :) Wow just adore this cute birdhouse, what a great idea to have an exploding one!! Love the way you have decorated it too. I'm a bit shy of posting photos of my grandchildren on the internet and, like you, certainly wouldn't do so without our children's permission.
    Lynn x