Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sympathy cards

I made these for some family members that recently lost their mom. I really am looking forward to the time when their will be no more death... Rev 21:3-5 
 I am sick of loosing family and friends!

The cards are lavender but due to being on the pink mat they don't show up real good, 
also they were taken with my phone due to the camera breaking... 

 Hand cut Calla Lilly and colored with water color pencils, stickles and glitter added for the sparkle

 This is a picture I printed and made a stencil out of a cracker box. 
Embossed the card with a stylus, then cut out and placed on matching card stock. 
Printed with a rubber stamp in purple ink and added 2 butterflies. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh these are beautiful April. I hope these last sympathy cards you have to make - there appears to be phases in our lives when several deaths occur quite close to each other and it does become emotionally exhausting. I do hope your phase is past.
    Lynn x