Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weekend with the kids

We went down to see the kids and Little man for the weekend, had a lovely time. Here is a couple of pictures of the area we were at.  First off Felix and Papa. Had to remind Felix he is not invincible and he needed to stay closer to adults, he thinks that life jacket will save him no matter what and has no fear of water with it on. What a boy. We kept him on the side without the swift current.
 Looking down stream, Gorgeous area!
 Osprey nest on the tip top of the tree. They are amazing!
 The water was fairly warm to me, but I didn't last long as I fell on the rocks 3 time I got out and called it quits. I'm too old and hefty for slipping in the river. HA ha ha...
This was our weekend and we had a lovely day! Hope you did too!
XO Nana


  1. Thought I had left you a comment on this one April. Fabulous photos and a beautiful area. Hope your back and bruises have healed now after your many slips and falls :) Not something to do too often!! Have a great time with your grandson this week.
    Hugs Lynn xx
    PS Many thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, they are appreciated :)

  2. What absolutely stunning scenery! :) x

    1. Thanks Sara, I wish we could go back more often, it was a lovely place to pick nick.