Thursday, August 1, 2013

So I'm behind a bit...

Sorry bout that. Will try to catch up. A while back I met a very interesting lady. My hubby has known her and the family since he was a little boy. My mom first met her and fell in love with her eccentric personality. Mom said the first time she met M she was wearing a necklace as a head piece with the center hanging on her forehead.  I heard she had a very hard up bringing and then spent time as a missionary in South America. She loved the people over there as they were simple people and colorful.  Mom and hubby said I needed to make her a poncho that was bright and colorful for her, as she is I think getting close to her 90's and has a hard time keeping her shoulders warm. So this is what I made.      
Colors didn't show up as nice as I had hoped. If I see her wearing it I will try for another picture. She called mom and asked to borrow a walker as her hip was bothering her. So mom at 9PM took her the walker and the poncho. She was so pleased with her new Zarape.  Mom found later that M had to be taken to hospital that night because her hip was so painful, she also informed mom that she wore her new Zerape the whole time too. So we know she likes it and that made me smile. More post coming soon I hope. LOL
XO Nana


  1. What a gorgeous poncho and M sounds a wonderful lady. Hope her hip doesn't pain her too much and she gets a lot of enjoyment and comfort from her poncho.
    Lynn xx

    1. Thanks so much for the comments, She is...
      and I am so far behind I haven't replied to you comments from before. But I have read them and appreciate your comments and feedback so very much.