Sunday, September 8, 2013

A small update on the chicken coup

Here is what has happened so far. Have the coup primed and insulated, inside wall built to have hens separate from supplies.
 Hubby leveled it.

 Mama in the yard resting with her chicks
 Insulation up and sheeting almost up. Just framing separating wall
 The house was built crooked, but hubby has to make the wall strait. LOL

 Almost ready
 Sorry a bit blurry, but babies wanted to go to bed.

 Back side of hen house. We have the whole yard fenced and bird netting over the top,
had some big birds flying overhead, neighbors cat and Mom's chihuahua thinking they were going to have a good dinner. It is pretty secure now.
Now... I need your help, We want to put a sign on the hen house anyone care to suggest a name please leave it in a comment.  My sisters hubby said to call it Tia's KFC.
Tia is the chihuahua. LOL
I will chat with you all soon, XO Nana

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  1. It isn't until you start to keep chickens that you realise how many predators there are! We had foxes always trying to break in, then the squirrels and crows would be after the eggs and they managed to get away with the wooden decoy eggs :) Even our spaniel had a liking for eggs if he ever found a nest outside the nesting boxes. When we kept geese then we had good guards against the foxes - they soon raised the alarm :)
    It is all coming along well April, haven't come up with a name yet though!
    Lynn xx