Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Babies are getting big

Today I'm going to share the newest pictures of the chickens and me.. The 6 we bough think I'm their mama I guess, as every time I go and sit by them they are all over me.
Lovey on my shoulder, Sweetheart on my knee they are both Barred Rocks
2 by my feet are Ameraucana's 1 light and 1 dark

 I think if I was to sit out there all night the 6 would be all over me sleeping
My sister in law came and wanted to see them, she took the pictures. Aren't they funny!!! Although I don't like it when they find my earrings.....
Will try to get better pictures soon, Raining most of the week, turned chickens loose yesterday as the babies can't get through the chain link fencing now. And Tia got nailed my Mama hen yesterday so I think she might just decide they aren't worth chasing.
XO Nana

PS the other 2 of the babies are Rhode Island Reds. 

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  1. Fab photos April, made me smile :)
    Hope you recover from your op quickly and sending gentlehugs
    Lynn xx