Sunday, December 22, 2013

Some more boxes

All-righty then.... Here is where I got the tutorial and instructions to make these lovely lovely gift boxes.

Too Cool of her to share huh! Well looky here at some pretties too  Lynn did a beautiful job on her boxes. Gave me a push to try and finish some of mine. Been half done since Felix was here last. And have yet to photo the first box which I claimed as my own. I'll share why when I get pictures of it.
On with the pictures....


I love making these boxes. Keeps my mind and hands doing some thing pretty and good.

I've really been fighting the blues lately. Not seen the sun in a few days and having a difficult time dealing with the deaths of more friends. Well it is almost 3 am and I need some sleep. Been working on some chrysanthemums for cards. Will get pictures of them and a link to the video of how to make them. 
Night Night! XOXO Nana


  1. Wish I could come have some coffee and spend some time with ya! I'm there in spirit and send love and hugs. And the boxes are lovely! They look like fun.

    1. Oh Honey I would love to have a cup with you and have those hugs in person. Someday soon I hope we can. Thanks Love! XOXO

  2. These are wonderful April, love the papers you have used and the flowers are so cheerful. Thank you so much for the plug to my blog too :)
    Sorry you are feeling blue, hope your spirits lift real soon.
    Happy Christmas and hugs
    Lynn xx