Sunday, December 22, 2013

You are my Sunshine!!!!

I have such fond memories of this song. Mama use to sing it to us when we were real little. Then when we were old enough we would all sing it together, in round or harmony. (kind of) ;-) I taught it to my boys too. It is a family song, now even Felix sings it with me. When I am down and having a hard time missing the boys or when I would miss mom I would sing this song and bring a smile to my face. (I know where else huh...)
I have a stack of paper I got years ago and never used. I finely decided to use some. I wanted to make the box from the earlier post but didn't want to use paper I really liked in case I messed up the first time. And I have a whole stack of this paper so.... And I love it!! I am keeping this one for myself. I am going to make my mom one with the Chrysanthemums from the previous post. Will post a pix when done.
Well enough chatter... here is the box.

Kind of cute if I do say so myself. 
Have a great weekend!~Nana

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  1. More than cute April it is divine :) So very pretty and love the flowers. I'd keep it too if I made one as good as this.
    Lynn xxx