Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Here Chick chick chick...

Well the girls did good.. The Japanese Bantams hatchet 4 and raised 3. Had to chuck 15 from this nest and more from the others.

 This is Rudy and the 3 Girls, later in the day one of the JB hens disappeared.. 
Have no idea but probably the chicken hawk. Darn him!

 This is Sweetheart, She only hatched 1 out of 20+ and the little thing got pushed out of the nest and died so I bought her 4 and whitey was sitting and none hatched so I gave her 4 too. 
She abandoned them and the nest and took over another one. 
Sweetheart took all 8 chicks and last week we lost one to the chicken hawk.
 This is Whitey AKA Princess, she just hatched her own 4 and all are doing well.
 I will try to get more pictures soon. I gave Prissy and Bobby Sue to a friend. Prissy ran off into the sunset she said and Bobby Sue is setting on dud eggs as there is no rooster where she is now.  Both hens were being mean to the chicks, I just figured it would be easier to get rid of a couple of hens and keep the babies. Have a good week, chat soon.

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  1. So glad you got some chicks and I hope they all thrive but what a shame there was such a waste of eggs. Having to throw all those eggs away would have broken my heart :)
    Lynn xx