Sunday, August 24, 2014


I have done something I didn't think I would. I joined facebook for a week. LOL I wanted to join a couple of group I follow their blogs and you can get free digis by liking them on FB. So I thought why not. My computer has been running like poo and so was my phone. So although I would love to have the digis I deleted my account and am not longer on FB! Took me 3 hrs to clean everything up and now we are back running.
Some of the ones I liked were:
Sherri Baldy, My Besties. I think they are so cute! I had signed up and didn't realize you have to be on FB to get the freebie.
Imagine That! Digis by Kris, Scrapper's Delights. And a couple of others. I really like their work and would love to have the freebies and buy some when I can, but I will not join FB to get them. Not worth the hassle.

Here are the cards I have recently made. 
First one was for Bug, she has been helping me with the chickens.
These little ones are fuzzy too. 
 This one if for a dear friends daughter, in her favorite colors.
 This one and the next were going to be for Scrappers Delight challenge. But I deleted my FB account. LOL 3D
 This one isn't totally 3D I used washi tape for the wall paper. Cuttlebug for the brick paper and white washed it with gesso, used a wonderful paste by Sheel for the window frame. for the texture.
Well not much else, but it is after 12:30 pm so guess I should try to get some sleep.
Night! XOXO Nana

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  1. Fabulous cards April.Lovely to see you crafting. I am not on Facebook and am not missing it :) I did have an account but rarely used it and was fed up with all the emails so I closed it all down. There are quite a few people who are not fans of FB. I don't particularly like the ethics or morals of the person behind FB.