Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some days..........

Some days really take their toll... and what really stinks is when you don't even know why it is so bad. Today is one of those days... All I can do is cry and I have no idea why. Sometimes I think if I at least knew why I felt so crappy I could work it out faster. Well in my mind it sounds good.

Let see what has been going on??? Do you really care? LOL No, but I am going to type it anyway.

Fighting the neighbors cat to keep it away from the Chickens. Gave the mean hens and extra rooster away. Having fun Bonnie? ha ha ha!!!!

Working on hen house and got hit in the face with a hammer head when it came flying off the handle. In my 50's and got my first black eye and I gave it to myself (rolling eyes) Dr had me go through a cat scan to make sure I didn't break anything or have brain bleed. Nope just a good old fashioned concussion. (Just) And a headache that lasted almost as long as the shinner.

Went to Portland to see Carla and went to see a blues singer- Robert Cray.
It was put on by THPRD: Groovin In The Grass
Sat on a hill of the park away from everyone. Nice breeze blew so no bad smells to make me sick. (Getting there was another thing though) Lovely music you can see a clip here. It was nice to see hubby so relaxed and enjoying the music. Wish J could have been there too. He is fun to be with while people watching.

DD got new glasses and they broke, so had to come up and get them fixed, what a hassle! Got home and they broke again. So they will be coming back this week as P has a Dr appointment too. This time it isn't going to cost her to get them fixed. You'd think glasses would last longer than a week... If they are done right... Just sayin..

Well can't much think of more, well I can but why rehash the whole past. Doesn't change the past or help the future. So move on.

On a very Good note: Welcome back MyMoT! I love you and your wife so much!!! Missing you both too.

Well writing has stopped the tears for now. Maybe I can make a card of two.. See you all later. I know myself it won't' be sooner. LOL
xo Nana


  1. Oh April I am so sorry for you and wish I could give you lots of hugs. You are obviously depressed hence the tears and mood swings. It will pass with time or have a chat with your doctor.
    Best of luck with all the clearing out of 'stuff'! Sounds like a time consuming job but you need to factor in some 'me' time for yourself too. Take some time out every day and do what you want :) Huge hugs Lynn xxx

  2. Thanks Lynn, yes I am under a Dr's care for depression and I also have diabetes which will give you mood swings. I will post next a couple of cards I have taken the time to make. I have been getting some me time.