Friday, October 2, 2015

Just a Note or a soap...

Hi All! 
Thanks for stopping by, just a quick note to let those that know my family that mom took a bad fall Wednesday.
 After coming home and unloading the car from our shopping, it was on the floor she caught her foot in a shopping bag and planted her face to the floor. With her hands full. She had 2 coffee cups and a spoon. 1 cup shattered and the spoon ended up in an odd place , but it didn't do any damage. It was under her chin and between the girls ;-)
 Anyway I said to her to be still I'm calling for help. She said No just let me be a minute, hubby covered her with a blanket and I called 911. She was in shock. Said her arm hurt. I looked her over a bit and put a towel under her head which had a big goose egg on it. She now is sporting 2 black eyes and black and blue forehead and her nose is swollen. Her glasses cut the bridge of her nose too. She was released from the hospital last night and she is up at Elma's being very well taken care of by her and her hubby.
 I've never seen her in such pain... and I've seen her go through a lot! Em is so good with mama, I'm so glad she was able to take her home with her. I know mom misses her dogs and they miss her. But she doesn't need them jumping on her.
 Anyway her arm is broken about 2 inches down her arm from her shoulder. They inserted a catheter to administer her medicines into her arm on a slow drip to help with the pain. I miss her so much and she looked so bad.. Just makes me want to cry. I'm trying to rearrange things here so she can have a bed downstairs as she isn't able to go up and down right now. She really buggered her knee too. If you want to call her I'm sure she would love to hear from you. She has her cell phone with her and she or Em will answer it I'm sure.
 Love to all and I will be back as soon as I can.
XO Nana

PS we lost #6 chick to the Hawk. I love all things but am so stinking tired of this guy and I can't do anything about him as he is Federally protected. So we scream and wave our arms at him. He looks at us like Oh get a grip You can't hurt me... and he knows to stay just far enough away from you. lol Smart little pook. I've never seen one run on the ground after the chickens, it is usually a swoop and fly. This guy is un-experienced. I guess as he will run the ground and chase them trying to catch one. He caught one of the hens and couldn't get over 3 feet off the ground so he dropped her. She is ok, a bit beat up but still laying eggs everyday. Oh boy.... life...
Night everyone!


  1. Hope that your mama makes a swift recovery

    1. Thank you Lottie, Mom is doing pretty good, finely sleeping good now that she is home.