Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In Remembrance of Daddy

Our dad went to sleep as peaceful as he could 12-31-2012
I am staying with mom until further notice. I just can't leave her at this time. Kids went home today, hubby will go in a few days. But for now I am staying here.

Hope everyone is a safe and healthy as they can be. Be in touch soon.

                                                       Dad was a Good looking man, Mom agrees!


  1. You don't know me....I found your blog. Bless you all at this sad time. x

  2. Mama I am crying tears for you right now. I wish I were there to hold you all. Peace and blessings. I had no idea. Makes the rest of the daily problems seem insignificant. I am so sorry!

  3. Katilloual, Thank you for your lovely thoughts, they are very much appreciated.

    Don't cry too much lil one. He is resting in Jehovah's memory. We have the best hope there is in the scriptures. If dad was healthy and all it would be different. He fought so hard to just breathe, he told his Dr back in September he wanted to die, he was just so worn out. He just didn't want to leave mom alone. Marv and I are moving in with her.

  4. Does that mean you are moving back to home and leaving where you are now? When?