Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My "stupid" prize

 I had a bright idea, Ha ha ha.... Well it was a good idea at first, just didn't think it though good enough before I started. See my pretty purple prize, that's what I get for doing before thinking right. 
***Note to self***
You aren't as young or strong as you use to be!!! LOL

And I won't show the other one. Ha ha ha....

Hope everyone is as safe as can be, and remember when needed, ask for help. Ha ha...


  1. Replies
    1. Do you skype? I set it up to talk with some friends in costa rica while they are there and if you do, we can talk and i can see you. let me know if you do.

    2. Well having laptop problems with the wi-fi and can't find the video camera to the laptop. So to answer your question, Not right now. LOL

  2. Ouch April! How on earth did you do that? Looks very colourful :)
    Lynn xx

    1. swapping mattresses on 2 queen beds by myself. I thought if I pulled hard the mattress would come, but instead I went. LOL It was a very pretty shade of purple and green.

  3. That wasn't such a good idea April! Hope there is no lasting aches and pains :) Forget about mattresses and concentrate on more important things like crafting LOL
    Take good care xxxx

  4. What Distress Inks did you use for those colours, April? Wow! I bet that hurt. Take it easy and stick to the crafting. It's safer.