Sunday, January 13, 2013

Was: Guess where we are?? Now Guess where we were...

My sister and her hubby took my Mom and me over to the Coast for a couple of days. It is gorgeous!!!
We enjoyed our rooms very much, so close to the beach and waves. Fed the Seagulls and had fun playing aggravation, cribbage and they played scrabble. I don't as I can't spell to save my life. LOL
Love spell check. HA ha ha Here are some pictures I took hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed being there.
                                              These were taken from our room balcony

 Mom fed this one and it didn't leave for some time. See the rainbow behind him" I looked out the balcony and saw the other end and had to take a picture of it too. Not as bright as I hoped it to turn out, but it is there. ;-)

                                           This little one came in for a snack too, isn't it cute!
The morning we left the sun came out and was hitting the top of the waves. Mom said get your camera! I want a picture of this too. So this is for mom. She enjoyed her trip, it had been years since she was at the coast last. But there is no place like home!!!


  1. Wonderful pictures! I miss the coast :)

  2. Fantastic photos April and a wonderful time for you and your mum.
    Thank you visiting my blog and leaving a comment, it is much appreciated :)
    Lynn xx