Friday, February 8, 2013

A few more Cards

Been making more cards, and enjoying it all!
First 2 are files cut from
It is the same file I just had trouble cutting it out but didn't want to waste it.

 This one is stenciled and cut added ribbon and rhinestone
 Wasn't sure which picture looks the best. Give me your opinion.
Sorry this one is blurry... 7 different stamps, but cute. Mom said it is cheerful!
 Another stenciled not sure what I will put in the middle, 
wait until I need a pretty card but probably Anniversary
 I know I posted one like this earlier, I burned the first one (this one) Mom said burn it some more all across the bottom and it will look like you did it on purpose. LOL So I did.
Well Ta Ta for now, XO Nana


  1. More gorgeous cards April, you have been a busy girl :) On the second card did you hand stitch or machine stitch the lines?
    I think the stencilled card shows better against the black background - the ribbon seems more silvery.
    Love all of these xx

    1. Hi Lynn, Thanks for stopping by again, love your input! The stitching is on the paper. It isn't really stitched.
      As for the stenciled cards I know it will show up more on dark card, but our family has a thing for white on white LOL. The ribbon is a piece of white with iridescent stuff on it.