Friday, February 22, 2013

What else....

Mom's computer was dirty so we cleaned it and it died. Has a bad diode. So mom has no computer now. Hubby's computer is old, slower than molasses in a snow storm and have been having fun with the lap top running bad too...

 Been in a bit of pain as I lost a filling back in November last year, tried to ignore it, but... had to go to the dentist, have an infected tooth and it is affecting 5 teeth total. Am on antibiotics and pain meds for the next week and have an appointment to have the tooth that is dying pulled.. Yeah I am really looking forward to that! NOT!!!

Oh well it is all temporary. Just have to remind myself of that, constantly. So might be missing for a  bit, hope everyone is having a better day than me.
                                                           Ta for now, Nana


  1. Ooh April I empathise, nothing is worse than toothache. Gentle hugs from me too.
    Sorry you are having such problems on the computer front - they are fantastic when they work but a huge PITB and cause of much frustration when they stop working.
    Lynn xx

    1. Heading out the door, having tooth pulled in a bit... Thanks for the hug! And you are so right! LOL