Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Love this Wrap

You can find the pattern here:

I was making this for me and when mom saw it she fell in love with it. She even offered to pay me... NO!
Mom let me take a picture of her but didn't want me to show her, lol so...
Here is the wrap with mom whited  (is this a word?) out. lol

She said this color just did something to her. I think it was one of dad's favorites.
I might have enough to make another one or I think it would be nicer to make mom a matching hat.
Hope everyone has a good day! XO Nana


  1. That is lovely April. I can see why your Mum fell in love with it :) I have downloaded the pattern - who knows I may one day get around to making it!
    Lynn x

    1. Thanks Lynn it really is an easy one too. I love the fact she post pictures of it in process. I did it by the pictures more than the instructions. lol I'm a visual person.