Wednesday, January 1, 2014

An Update on the Chickens and Geese

Here are a few pictures of our babies... Not babies anymore. LOL We have 2 roosters, I love to hear them crow.  Today they were competing on which one was better I think as they kept taking turns crowing and chasing the girls. HA ha Typical rooster. The one is Rudy, he is a Gorgeous rooster and the other well.... we weren't sure if it was a hen or a rooster at first as he has no spurs, and just got his comb and waddle all the sudden. He is Cousin Itt... You will understand when you scroll down and see him. Rudy is a brother to Itt, Prissy, Little Girl and one more. Forgot to get a picture of 2 of the hens. Mama (an Australorp) is the one that hatched these out. Itt and one other had mohawks and if they didn't look funny. We called the black hen with the mohawk Hohawk, but a dog killed her. One of the Barred Rocks vanished. Have no idea as there were no feathers or anything.. Out of the ones we bought 2 barred rocks, 2 Rhode Island Reds, and 2 Ameraucana we have 3 left. Sweetheart is a Barred Rock, (Red is a RIR but forgot to get a picture of her) and Gorgeous Flame is a Ameraucana.

 Sweetheart is a Barred Rock
Mama is an Australorp

 Little Girl
3 Japanese Bantams AKA The Buff Sisters. HA ha ha
And these are the goosers... Not sure if male or female 
But have a suspension that 2 of them are males.. nasty temper and they hiss a lot!
Their knobs on their heads are big too. Not sure if they are African Geese or Chinese Geese.
If you have any comments on breads or anything feel free. I love to learn different things about critters.
Well have a good week, tomorrow is Hump Day!
Hopefully it will be the start of a better year. Can you believe is it 2014?


  1. A very Happy New Year to you and yours April and hope it is a good one for you. So sorry to hear that you have had some chook losses, that is sad but the remaining ones certainly look healthy.
    I think those are Chinese Geese but they look as though they have a touch of Toulouse in their ancestry judging by their colouring.
    Once upon a time we had three geese - a male and two ladies - who shared a very large wired run with the chickens. Now the geese, especially one of the ladies, were full of mischief and they would wait for the chickens to go into their house to roost in the evenings and then one of the geese would go in and pull the chickens tails causing one heck of a commotion and it seemed as though the goose was laughing as she waddled back out again!! Absolutely terrors those geese were but they certainly let us know if there was an animal around up to no good :)
    Hugs Lynn xx

    1. Lynn, I had to LOL at the goose pulling the chickens tails. These 3 are all males so are going into the deep freeze. They even attack the dogs... Will try again in spring but will sex them first and handle them alot so hopefully they will be nice.

  2. Happy New Year I see your farms is growing. Must be fun to have all the animals.

    Hugs Diane

    1. Thanks Diane, sometimes it is fun and other times it isn't, lol.

  3. What lovely fowl. I keep lovely little bantams - miniatures of the big breeds. I used to keep all sorts of large chickens but moved from a house with a huge garden to a little pensioners bungalow - which suits us better maintain etc.

    If you go to my blog and click on the chicken icon on the right it will take you to my allotment blog and then you can scroll down to see the chooks

    Hope to see more of your land and animals this year - I am envious

    1. Hello Lottie nice for you to drop by. I have to admit, I showed mom your chooks blog and that is why she wanted chickens even more. She wants a good name for the place to as she just adores Peckingham Palace. Have any ideas???