Sunday, March 9, 2014

Beah's Box

This is Beah's box for her mom. She is a very sweet girl that likes lots of bling!!
 See the bling on the center of the brad...
 Bling bling bling... Little girls can never have too much. 

 Flowers and pinwheels alternate the sides.  
And there is bling on the pinwheels too. 
With help she even made the big roses. It was fun to craft with her.
XO Nana


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Beah!!!, I love the flowers and the shape of the box is beautiful, way to rock the bling girl! xxx

  2. I love the box shape, so pretty and girly, nicely done Beah
    Hugs Julie P

  3. This is a very cute box. I'm very impressed and would have a hard time making one this pretty myself. I'm sure her mom will love it.

  4. Wow that is a gorgeous box and no, girls can't have too much bling!!
    I must make some more of these they are so pretty :) Well done Beah.
    Lynn xx