Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gifts from Pooh

I got the best surprise the other day. A lovely big box came in the mail. I should have taken pictures of the box. My niece hand decorated the box all around with flowers, a goose, and chickens. A big feel better soon across the top. And I couldn't believe what she sent. I have a new personal quilt with chickens and lovely colors. I couldn't believe the Chicken necklace.. Oh my...
Isn't she the cutest thing ever...
Mom squealed too. LOL  I'm sure you'll share with me huh?... Yep! 
I get my love of a lot of things from mom. Chickens (real or not), glass, marbles,
 brass, pottery, dishes, baking pans fabric... 
Oh my the list goes on and on, anything crafty for me. Ha! 
 I shared the chocolate like a good girl too ;-) Even sent the last piece to work with hubby. 
Only because he didn't get a chance to eat it before I could share. Right Pooh.. ha ha ha...
Oh I know there was more in the box, but this necklace just blew me away. I am laying under my quilt as I type, LOVE it!!! Will get a picture of it soon.
Thank you so much Pooh and Hubby. 
XOXOXO Nana  (Aunt) April

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  1. What a lovely surprise April and yes your necklace is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your quilt, I bet that big box of goodies made your day :)
    Lynn xx