Sunday, March 9, 2014

Up First is Little Man

Felix was so excited to get his art kit, he just had to make me the pictures remember??? If not you can click  Here Well his mom bought him 3 frames and he was just itching to finish the last one. He said We have a rooster = dad, chick = baby we need to do the mom. So when they came to take Parker to his last Dr visit and go home he finished and this is what I have...
 Isn't she pretty! Looks like our white hen, LG (Little Girl)
So, now I have a beautiful set of pictures that are priceless and very well done. I still have a hard time knowing he is only 8 years old. LOL Granted almost 9 but still.. I just love them! And him!!
Have a good night-day- whatever...
XO Nana

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  1. Oh April that is a wonderful picture to finish off the trilogy. He is a very clever young man and I do hope he continues to draw and paint well into the future :)
    Lynn xx