Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Latest goings on...

Well it has been a busy week so far. P had major surgery on his back last Friday, they released him from hospital on Saturday and I went home with them. His wife was running a fever and bad cough. So stayed confined to her room so not to share.

Sunday I pulled the drain as the discharge Nurse had said to from P's back, DD was at Dr's with her mom as she developed Strep throat. Felix has a bad cough and not sure about much more.

Monday P slept most of the day then started running a fever and pain was going up so headed back to Eugene for the ER. Spent from about 9 PM to 2:15 AM in the emergency room. Had hubby meet us there and he brought us home. P is here at our place with us until he gets lots better. If he starts running a fever again he goes right back to the ER. From our house it is a 15 minute drive, from his it is over an hour.

Just found out some friends were in a bad car accident. Not sure about details just know it is bad. Our Prayers are with them and their families.

Well we are getting lots of liquid sunshine, as we call rain here in Oregon. lol  Got to have the rain to be green, too much though and it will be muddy. Ha! And my boys loved the mud when they were little.

Hope the rest of your week is well and check out my card on the previous post, Bee Happy! ;-)

xo Nana


  1. Oh April I do hope things improve for your son and that your DIL and grandson also feel much better soon. So sorry to hear about your friends and hope that they came through the accident okay.

    Yes we have had lots of liquid sunshine here too :) Oh for some good dry days with a good drying breeze.
    Hugs Lynn xx

    1. Thanks so much Lynn, P is doing real good, said he is ecstatic not to be in as much pain. I heard about the accident and they are living but 2 of the 3 are in bad shape. Could have been a lot worse though.
      XO Me