Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ok just a short update then off to bed

Let see, went and saw Middle son and family 4 weekends ago Then to the Coast with hubby's little sister and hubby the next weekend. Got home Sunday night, youngest son came same night. I left with him on Wednesday to go see middle son and family for a night, then off to Burns to see friends and family over there for the rest of the week and weekend. Hubby picked Felix up Friday and brought him to have fun. Came home last Sunday, kept Felix with us as his parents came up Monday as P had another Dr appointment with neurosurgeon on Tuesday. He called after appointment and said he was going to have to have back surgery to relieve the pain, not sure how much use of his leg he will regain. Called back about an hour or so later and said "We'll be back a week from Friday for the surgery." Boy that was fast! So in less than a week he will hopefully & finely be out of pain and this will be 3rd surgery to boot. At least a 3 month recovery, without knowing if he will regain the strength in his leg, but he said he can drag his leg if he didn't have to deal with the pain.

I know I am a lousy writer and don't know how to put things into words very well, but hey at least I have spell check. HA ha ha....

Well that is my update for the last month. Haven't had a lot of crafting time, but lots of loves from all my boys both big and small. So I can deal with crafting after the hugs.

Talk to you later, have a safe and fun weekend!
xo Nana


  1. Phew April you have been busy jetting about all over the place :) Glad you had some fun though and had lots of time with your sons and grandson. Wish your son all the very best for his surgery and hope he will heal quickly and be pain free at last.
    Lynn xx

    1. Thank you Lynn, he is getting nervous about it but looking forward to it at the same time. I'll try and get back on soon.
      xo April