Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Goodbye is hard

Even if it is a chicken... We lost Rudy tonight. Poor boy just had to let him go. I had Rudy isolated from the rest and the hens kept trying to look through the cracks in the slats like hey what are you doing in there.  I picked Rudy up today, his feet and wattle were cold and blueish red. He cuddled his head into my neck and was struggling to breathe. Like do something for me. So I said okay little guy, I love you enough to not let you suffer anymore. So I loved him and said goodbye. A friend took care of him for me and he is buried out back where the other chickens have been buried.
 On a good note, Mircale crowed for the first time today. Funny he was supposed to be a she. So we still have a rooster on the place. Well better get to bed. Lots to do tomorrow. Hope it is a better day than today.
Xo Nana

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