Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Gift for Youngest Daughter

Our newest daughter (youngest son's wife) is a very crafty girl, she designs and makes jewelry.  She goes to a lot of craft fairs to sell her wares. And she has even been making her own stands. I wanted to help her a little bit and found a "Great" template Here Pretty cool huh!

 I made it out of heavy glossy card or poster board. (Not sure what it is I got a big bundle of it at Goodwill for a couple of dollars.) Cut the template out covered with felt, then cut the template out again only 1/4 inch smaller all around and glued to the back to cover the felt. I punched holes for the ribbon and attached that before putting the backing on. Here is a picture of the front. Don't have any of the back yet. The ribbon is tied in the back to make it bend and stand. I used a hot pink and white Diva ribbon.
Not the best photographer but you get the idea. Hope she likes them and can use them. The great thing is I can untie them and they will lay almost flat for shipping them to her. Well better get. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 
xo Nana

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  1. Wow April! She is going to be delighted! How creative of you!