Sunday, January 26, 2014

This is a Personal Blog so lets get Personal!

This is very personal information, so if you are offended I'm sorry. But I hope this will help someone else besides me.

I have been dealing with some personal issues for many years now. Doctors have not had any good advice, I tend get what is called Sebaceous Cysts. (laymans terms- Boils in the nether regions) I have had 5 lanced or cut out at one time. NOT fun!!! Told for over 20 years, I'm crazy, need to talk to someone professional ... etc.. They had no idea why or how to help. So I turned to the internet for some help.

Can't remember where I read it but back in 1999 I read that some women were getting relief by shaving. Again not what I would consider fun at all, mighty uncomfortable really. But it did help. My Dr said it shouldn't matter if I shaved or not, that I was imagining it helping. Well if I went without shaving for 1 week to 10 days I would have boils.

Just found out from a Urologist I don't have bladder cancer I have bladder ulcers. (Never thought I'd be happy to have ulcers) But I am. He told me that the boils are Staph infection of the Hair Follicles, and it makes perfect sense that if you shave it keeps them down. He told me that if I use a soap called
Phisoderm regularly I should be able to stop shaving and not have the boils. Talk about happy!!
I got good news for 2 problems by 1 Dr that is so caring and professional. I just love him!
Well I am now at 5 days without shaving hopefully I will be done with that!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and has some good news no matter how you are feeling.
XO Nana


  1. I am thrilled that you have at last found a caring doctor and have got relief and a proper diagnosis and that finally, after all this time, you can be well and gloriously happy

  2. You poor lady to have suffered all that and finally found a cure. Hope this does mean you are on the road to recovery and never have to go through this torment again.
    Lynn xx