Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Warning!!! Watch out for scammers

My mom saw an advertisement for some anti wrinkle cream she thought my sister would like. So she read the statement on the site and ordered it. (See below from website) She didn't realize there was more to the Terms than what she saw posted. They charged her almost $200.00. I called and got hung up on 3 times before I finally got a call through. Then was put on hold for over 10 minutes so hung up and dialed again. I got through... FINELY!!! Well the person didn't speak English very well and was upset that he had to repeat himself (sorry!) But CLEARLY stated No Refund! So... Click on all terms and make sure before you follow through with any online purchase, if nothing else research the product too. As this one brings up a lot of Scammer reports.

One is Equinox Serum and the other is Ski Prime wrinkle free. They didn't giver her a confirmation number or anything for a receipt for when she bought it, read below... Get number from bank statement..
Don't know about you but most Banks are paper free or the statement only comes once a month so you are buggered before it comes.

So good rule of thumb----- "If it Sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE~~~ It usually is"
Hope your week is better.... XO Nana

Also the heads up, you get billed from the UK and one is from CA and the other is UT and I checked the shipping and it came from WA.

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  1. These people are everywhere! So sorry your mum was conned in this way but you have to either buy from a known source or tread very carefully.
    Lynn x

  2. My wife was told if she liked the free sample, she could order the cream at, I think, around £39, but it arrived without request the next day.
    When she complained she was told that if she did cancel, and did not return the empty 'free sample' bottles, she would be charges £39